Stop Letting The Media Guide Your Mind


We live in an era of information, most of it being transacted back and forth and digested through online outlets and social medias. These days such entities have often times more power than some head states do. Look at the case of Donald Trump and tell me I'm wrong.

Why do these guys have that much power?

Because they're literally owned by the real world leaders controlling this planet and deciding what's good and bad for us, whether we should wear a mask or not, if one currency has a value and the other a different one, if there's gonna be a war in Irak or Syria and so on.


I Know how these things work, I have a degree in journalism and the only thing keeping me away from practicing this profession was the disgrace towards its manipulative nature. My own bachelor degree had the theme written press manipulation in Romania, how they do it... You can imagine I didn't score good with that thesis. I knew I wasn't going to work in such an environment and had to do it.

The crypto media outlets are no different, although they should. When you have employees that are bitcoin, blockchain technology and crypto enthusiasts you should have objective news coming out of your outlet, a total disrespect towards manipulation and clear eyes when analyzing data and sharing it with your followers. I honestly trust more some analysts around here than what some crypto media outlets have.

Did you know that Bitcoin and the whole crypto marketing is going through a crash?


You would have known that, if reading financemagnats [Crypto Crash Intensifies as Bitcoin Drops 10%](Crypto Crash Intensifies as Bitcoin Drops 10%) report of today. That's no crash though... We could call it a correction, although that wouldn't be the case either, but during every bull market Bitcoin has always pulled back once in a while. It's not like it has ever, or will ever moon in a straight shot.

This so called crash is around one week long and it's quite similar with what the market has experienced back in January 10, this year. If you would call this market move somehow, I'd name it buying opportunity. Yep, if I'd had some more money to invest I would buy the hell out of the cheap coins you can still grab around here.

A crash usually lasts longer than just a few days and that often times occurs at the end of the bull market. That's when the bubble bursts and assets go South, not just in the middle of a bull market, like the one we're currently having. If we were indeed in that situation MicroStrategy won't plan to continue raising additional capital and using excess cash to buy even more Bitcoin

Even JP Morgan is advising plebs to Put 1% In Bitcoin as a Hedge as Demand is ‘Massively Outstripping’ Supply. Same JP Morgan bashing Bitcoin for so many years does that. Manipulation everywhere, and to get alive and well, with nice profits out of this bull market and not screw this one in a four years chance that it's being offered in crypto, I'd say do your math.


It's that easy, take previous halving cycles into account, see how long bull markets lasted previous times, check what gains Bitcoin's made after every halving, get the real sentiment regarding crypto, that often times is not talked about by media outlets and see where the tech is heading. There's no crash what we're experiencing right now and anyone listening to these bozos or trying to trade the market will regret immensely in a few months from now.

The total capitalization for altcoins has just passed by its previous ATHs and now testing these levels as a support, many coins haven't even gotten to their previous peaks and we call this a crash... Come on. That's no crash, that's buying opportunity, same as we don't have a pandemic in the world, but a mass induced fear and panic.

These fuckers want us poor, under control and obedient and they're using every tool they have at hand to achieve that. Same in crypto. Manipulation everywhere and you have to be a hustler to not fall for those traps placed all around. I honestly won't sell shit until like June-July. That's when I plan starting my DCA out of the market. Quite a heavy part of this portfolio I will actually risk for the most gains for a presumably parabolic rise.

I've been into crypto for four years... almost, and definitely not falling for any outlet's bullshit. I screwed one bull market, out of my own stupidity, and not doing the same once again. This is no crash, it's just a pull back, or lets say buying opportunity, that many should take advantage of, if still having funds to invest. Hope you're having a great day and see you to the next one.

Thanks for attention,