Was there ever such a great day, was there?
Did my bare feet ever touch the ground,
were flowers my shield and did Mother Nature embrace me?

I tell myself this was me indeed.
It was me who cared, wanted to touch.
I loved to kiss and cuddle so much,
even hugged the tree with tumours in the backyard.
So full of life, love, joy and with empathy and...
I lost all of what once was me.


Four hundred and twenty-four days ago
I was surrounded by bullies, threatened, raped,
close to bankruptcy.
The ugly introvert, nerd was ignored.
Allergies, burn-out, tough life.
Single, no caring husband or wife.
Not greeted.
No kisses, hugs or warm embrace.
I was a big mess.
Indeed I was in need.
There never was or will be connectivity.


I know no one ever listens to me.
Eyes filled with hate remained blind.
Daze for reality name negativity.
Just like the world, my life and personality.

I embrace the pandemic that doesn't hurt me.
Suddenly I am accepted, I count, am the same.
No longer alone, all misery is gone.
Finally, each one of us has to stay at home.


All photos for this 'Pandemic Photo Poem" can be found on pixabay.com.

This is my entry to @felixgarciap his Lyric and Poetry contest.
Theme: connectivity.

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