The Divine Fury

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You know that weird looks people give you whenever something is being mentioned in a group or a gathering of people and it seems you are the only one left out? Trust me I have seen a lot of it.
It's the same looks I get whenever I tell people I don't Facebook or hardly ever go to that site.
It's the same looks I get when I tell people I don't have an intimate friend.
It's even the same looks I get when I tell people I hardly watch movies these days.

I can understand not being on Facebook, I can understand not having an initiate friend but really, what is so wrong with not watching or seeing a movie?
Mind you, I never told them I don't watch movies at all.
I only say I rarely got the chance or time to see movies as much as I used to before.
I remember the urge or longing to see a movie drifted apart last year and since then, I find it very difficult to watch movies for a very long time.
I mean a movie can settle in my phone or PC for as long as I can remember
I have been given series of movies before by a friend since last year and to this day, those movies are still on my PC unwatched.

Recently a friend came over to my place and I noticed she was so engrossed in her phone, giving some funny reactions and displaying some moves and when I peeped, it was a movie she was seeing, yes she had her earpieces on so I couldn't tell what she was doing until I glanced through her phone.
I was forced to ask her the title of the movie that made her react in such a way.
She told me the name and since it had some kind of relationship with the kinds of movies I like, I told her to share the movie with me so I can also watch it whenever I was chanced. She did just that but funnily enough, I never remembered again to watch the movie until when a friend asked me to share some of my videos with her in school, I told the girl I had no movies because to be sincere I didn't remember I recently got a movie from that my friend that visited.

The girl was surprised and she was like, but I saw a movie on your phone the other day I was making use of your phone. I was like which movie? I even forgot the same movie I asked for lol.
The girl went as far as telling me the name of the movie and that was when I remembered collecting the movie from my friend so I could watch it later.
I shared the movie with the girl and that was it.
Somehow when I returned from church yesterday, though it was late, I decided to give the said movie a try. I was tired and I didn't feel like writing or doing anything so I thought why not use that time to watch the movie, although I knew I would sleep off on it, it's normal for a tired and stressed person anyway lol.

I started the movie and I eventually slept off on it as I foresaw.
But thankfully, today I got the chance to finish up the movie and I must say it's worth my time after such a long time of not getting engrossed with movies.
And because I like what I watched, I decided to share it with you guys, and guess what? It's a bit horrific, I can't believe I just watched a horror movie😂😂
I dread horror movies by the way, and I didn't even guess this was classified as horror not until I searched it on the net and I got the result horror/action lol.
I think I have already kept you guys in a lot of suspense with my beating around the bush lol, so let's get to the movie title and a little about it, anyway, don't expect much cause I suck at movies reviews, you might wanna watch and see for yourself lol.
The movie is titled; "THE DIVINE FURY"
At the mention of fury one can tell that it's action-inclined.

The Divine Fury



Did I tell you that it's one of Korea's production? (Even my best 😉)
The Divine Fury was released on 31st July 2019 (south Korea).

Young-hu is a little boy who lost his dad at a teenage age and since then, he was forced not to believe in God due to anger and rage.
He was taught to believe that whatever is asked of God in prayers that God will hear and also answer/do.
Young-hu prayed and cried to God when his dad got into a fatal accident trying to fight crime for the good of the people and his country.
A priest even prayed with Young-hu when he met him in the church. Young-hu trusted the priest and believed in God to save his poor father but God still had his way and the same demon that possessed the man who had put Young-hu father in that state also killed his father.

Since then, Young-hu nurtured the pain and anger in his heart especially when he sights the image, symbol, or craft of the holy cross. He believed that the priest lied to him and that God didn't answer his prayers even after believing. Though Young-hu was bitter about his father's death, still this didn't change the fact that he had a good heart just like his father. He grew up to become a boxer and one day he woke up with a strange scar on his palms.
He started hearing voices and trying so hard to sleep at night.

This strange happening led Young-hu to Father Ahn, an exorcist priest that helped Young-hu discover God's will for his life, telling him that God had his reasons for taking his father and also blessing him with the gifts of being able to burn or exorcise demons with a single touch of the scar or mark on his palm.

Young-hu was still nonchalant about whatever the priest was saying because of the pain and scar his father's death brought him.
Although this was the case, Young-hu's goodness couldn't allow him to walk away when Father Ahn needed his help in fighting the demons.
He stood by Father Ahn the priest on every mission he went to after his first experience and exercise with him.
He knew Father Ahn needed him and he just couldn't turn his back on the priest so he always made himself available to help every time.
This continued until the priest was one day knocked down by the demons on one of the missions he went alone. Because of this, Young-hu became even angrier in his spirit and decided he was going to face the demon and take him down once and for all.

Ooops... Did I tell you I suck at movies reviews? Maybe this was it lol. You have to find out the rest for yourself if you are so interested lol. Yes, the suspense should be a good reason enough for you to check out this movie.
And if you like it, come back to thank me 😂 Oh No!, not me but the producers lol.
Remember its horror/action so if you aren't a fan of those two, then you had better look away lol.
I don't mean to scare you, the movie isn't that scary, maybe except you watch it at night 😂😅

Okay, that's it. Have fun updating your watched movies list
I guess after this, the next time I will watch a movie will be in three months, who knows? Lol, anything can happen and it may change ;)
For now, I take a break.

Still your baby girl ;)

To my faithful readers and wonderful sponsors, my heart goes out to you guys. Thank you for making my journey here a fun-filled and exciting one. Thanks for trusting and supporting my work too. I pray that God bless you all real good :)

21 August 2021



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