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I have been watched this drama last week but I just have time to write the review. In my honest opinion, this is the best drama series of the year.

Gadis Kretek (Cigerete Girl) was adapted from a novel by the recipient of the 2012 Kusala Sastra Khatulistiwa Award, Kretek Girl is now available in series form on Netflix. This series has become very popular in Indonesia because it has a brilliant cast, let's call them A-class actors in Indonesia.

The Story

The Kretek Girl tells the story of a Lebas' search for Jeng Yah. This search was not without reason, but at the request of his father, Seoraja, who was dying at that time. Lebas became curious about who Jeng Yah was, which then brought him together with Arum, Jeng Yah's nephew.

Lebas and Arum then traced Jeng Yah's whereabouts through the letters she wrote. Because of Jeng Yah's sister, Rukaya experienced dementia so he couldn't remember anything about Jeng Yah and Arum was struggle to take care of. Even Arum did not know about her aunt cause her mother keep silenced when she asked about their family. So, through Lebas, Arum also finding her family background.

In Jeng Yah's letters, it is known that Jeng Yah was a woman who had an obsession with kretek. Her father, Idroes was an Independent Kretek entrepreneur. Jeng Yah was the first child Idroes trusted to manage the Kretek Factory, but her activities were limited. Jeng Yah, who dreams of making a variant of Kretek, is not allowed to mix Kretek Sauce just because she is a woman.

One day a young man with no background named Seoraja entered his life. Idreos then helped Seoraja to have a new identity as his employee. Seoraja then mets Jeng Yah. Apart from Idroes, Seoraja is a man who does not discriminate against Jeng Yah, instead he wants to help Jeng Yah achieve her dreams. This is where the story of Jeng Yah da Seoraja begins, which is the beginning of Jeng Yah's future woes.

The Series

This drama series cannot be underestimated. Apart from its dark-romance genre, this drama has a line-up of actors whose acting cannot be underestimated.

This storyline goes back and forth, so it makes me just as curious as Lebas. The visualization of each player is very beautiful, especially Jeng Yah or Dasiyah who are very consistent with their typical Javanese clothes and make-up as Javanese java.

About the setting, all old setting is perfect. Kamila Andini and Ifa Ifansyah as director was success to present old era in Gadis Kretek. The duo successfully build and improved the felt about old era.

The Character

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Dian Sastro as Jeng Yah or Dasiyah

Dian Sastro is one of the most famous actresses in Indonesia. Her acting is considered very mature and she could represent her role very well. Previously I was impressed by her acting as Kartini, to be honest, those movie was took me watch Gadis Kretek without any doubt. Now I am also amazed by Dian when she plays the character Jeng Yah. She could really representing the character of Jeng Yah who is elegant, ambitious, smart and sexy.

According to Dian in an interview, Jeng Yah and Dian are two opposite people, and playing the character of Jeng Yah really made her tired. Dian said that she is very expression person meanwhile Jeng Yah, what her felt could not expressed.

I don't know for sure what Jeng Yah's character is like in the novel, cause I do not read the novel yet. But in this series, Dian Sastro is very good.

Ario Bayu as Seoraja

Seoraja in old pronoun is Suraya. I thought the attraction of this series was Dian Sastro, but the character Seoraja played by Ario Bayu also stoles the audience's attention. Suddenly I liked seeing Ario Bayu who succeeded in playing his roles well. Watch the films Seokarno, Sultan Agung, or the superhero series Gundala and Sri Asih, he can play various characters.

Another character are Putri Marino as Arum and Arya Seloka as Lebas. The duo represented their character successful. Even though the duo have scene less than Dian and Ario, their character are the key character of these series. So I have to standing applause to the duo.

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