Behind Her Eyes review - Almost great :)

Netflix is coming up with new content all the time, and Behind Her Eyes is an example of such a series. It is a series with six episodes, and that is it. I didn't want to watch it at all, but since my wife wanted to watch it, I decided to join in. After 20 minutes, I actually didn't mind watching it, as I was quite curious about the outcome. After 3 episodes, I was quite bored, but I still remained curious about the plot and the outcome. I also asked myself whether "experts" here like @jcrodriguez and others would be able to predict the outcome, even before the story came to an end...


What is Behind Her Eyes all about?

We meet a woman who works as a secretary in an office for psychiatrists. One day, a new psychiatrist is arriving, and by a big coincidence, the secretary accidentally kissed this guy the day before during a bar visit. It all ended there, but the chemistry is there, and a relationship is about to start. But, the psychiatrist is married to a woman, and soon that woman becomes a good friend with the secretary. But, the friendship between the wife and the secretary remains a secret to the psychiatrist, and the relationship (which includes sex) between the psychiatrist and the secretary remains a secret to the wife. It might sound like a standard plot, but there is more to the story than just this.

Something is strange about the marriage between the psychiatrist and the wife. Something doesn't add up. But, who is the crazy person? Is it the wife or is it the psychiatrist?

the couple.jpg

For 5 full episodes, this is the question that the viewer asks, and in the sixth and final episode, the answer is givenĀ¤

Spoiler alert!!! - What made me hate the show, but still - it was a great end!'

As I mentioned above, for five episodes, I was discussing with my wife what was really going on and who is the bad and crazy person of the story. All sorts of theories and solutions were discussed, and so, when the explanation was given in the final episode, it was kind of annoying!

It was good because it explained what was going on and who was causing the trouble.

But, it was incredibly annoying, because it was a solution that it was impossible to predict and foresay. It wasn't based on any human logic, at least not until you saw the explanation given in the last episode. And for the story to end in the way it did, so many perfect coincidences had to take place, that it felt almost stupid to me. Of course, everything was explained, but I hated the way in which the "supernatural" "soul-movement" showed up and turned out to be the solution and explanation to everything that we had seen in the first five episodes.

Great potential... but still, not the best feeling in the end!

It was a bit too long, it was boring at times, but it still managed to keep my attention. But, it destroyed a part of the fun with the final explanation... It was brilliant, in a way, but I didn't really appreciate how they went away from pure logic and explained it with something impossible.

Still, I believe millions of people will enjoy this!

My score: 6.5/10

Now I am very curious to hear from those of you who have seen Behind Hery Eyes on Netflix. How did you like the story? How did you like the end? Do you agree with me, or did you enjoy the fact that the story didn't end with a traditional final, and a traditional happy end? I would love to hear your thoughts!