FIX YOU (Drama Review): about Borderline Personality Disorder that many people don't know


People who realize that other people are sick, they must be more sick than other _Han Woo-Joo

For fans of Korean dramas, you must be familiar with dramas that raise mental health issues, for example: Its Okay, Thats Love. Kill Me Heal Me. Hyde, Jekill, and Me, Good Doctor, and even the latest on Asperger's Syndrome, Move to Heaven.

Soul Mechanic, which has the alternative name Fix You, is also a Korean drama with the same theme. The drama, which aired from May to June 2020, tells the story of a mental disorder Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) experienced by a beautiful theatrical play that is currently popular, Han Woo-joo (Jung So-Min). Borderline Personality Disorder is a mental disorder characterized by unstable emotional conditions.

Yoo Hyun-Ki as the director clearly wants to introduce this mental condition to the audience. If we usually recognize mental disorders through television shows such as Schizophrenia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Multiple Personality Disorder, or other forms of trauma, Borderline Personality Disorder is definitely not the type of mental disorder that many people know about.





As a woman with Borderline Personality Disorder, Jung So-min clearly managed to live up to her character in Drama. Han Woo-Joo (Jung So-Min) who is impulsive, gets angry easily and even goes on a rampage and destroys things, acts rashly to the point of endangering his own safety, and cannot accept hurtful words. So-Min managed to make the audience feel his emotional turmoil which is very unstable.

Shin Ha-Kyun who plays Lee Shi-Joon is a psychiatrist who is very loyal to his patients. Shi-Joon will use any method of healing for his patient to recover. Shin Ha-Kyun, a seasoned actor who starred more in movies than dramas, was able to portray Lee Shi-Joon's character well. The lines of anxiety and a sense of responsibility for the recovery of his patients are very visible on actor Shin's face. Lee Shi-Joon's character will later become Han Woo-Joo's doctor.


New knowledge in psychology

Fix You is not just about the daily interactions between patients and doctors. Fix You features several methods of emotional control as well as unusual trauma healing methods, such as; cursed in a plastic bag to relieve anger, took a deep breath and counted up to six fingers before the emotion exploded, and the most unique and touching was Han Woo-Joo's involvement in helping heal other trauma patients with theatrical methods. Fix You also emphasized the importance of honesty towards one's mental condition, and not to be afraid to consult experts. In this case, psychologist or psychiatrist.

"To be honest, we all suffer from certain illnesses that just haven't been diagnosed yet. Psychic disorders are not a characteristic. It's a person's condition, because it can always change depending on our circumstances. In other words, the disease will disappear once our condition improves. That's why, the best medicine is to have a calm mind."Psychiatrist Lee Shi Joon.*


little but mutually reinforcing romantic story


Eighty percent of this drama tells about mental health, however, the audience is also presented with romantic moments of the players. The audience will be made to smile sweetly with shy behavior when the players fall in love.

Underrated drama

Fix You is broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday at 10.00 pm (WSK) on the KBS television channel. The number of episodes of Fix You 32 episodes with a duration of 35 minutes/episode.

Although it received a low rating in its own country, Fix You received a positive response from viewers in other countries.

So, Hiver...
How are you mentally today?


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