CODA MOVIE REVIEW; One step closer to knowing people with deafness


The CODA film which was released on August 13, 2021, became an oasis for me. At first, I didn't know that there was a film whose story was centered on deafness, until my friend, Natta, gave a link to the YouTube trailer for CODA. The 2.44-length trailer made me cry in the 26th second. Natta didn't tell me that CODA was a film about the deaf.


Sian Heder as director packages CODA as a bridge to get closer between deaf people and hearing people. Unmitigated, Heder invited the Academy Award-winning deaf artist for the best actress nomination in Children of a Lesser God (1986), Marlee Beth Matlin.

The focus in this film is about Ruby Rossi (Emilia Jones) a child of both deaf parents or known as CODA (Child of Deaf Adults). Ruby, who is the only family member who can hear-because Leo (Daniel Durant), his older brother is also deaf--must be a bridge for his family who work as fishermen to communicate with hearing people



Equality issues for disability

Differences in treatment of persons with disabilities are still a common problem even in developed countries. In the CODA film, the gap against deafness is seen in the scene when Frank (Troy Kotsur) and Leo get a low price for the fish they catch by the fish auction officer. The deaf are still considered stupid and easy to cheat. Another scene is seen when Leo walks into a pub and is belittled by other visitors and bullied for being deaf, also Frank and Leo have to receive a suspension of sailing because they both sailed unaccompanied by listeners and were considered a safety hazard.

stories close to real life

As a person with limited hearing, I really feel that Sian Heder has succeeded in packaging CODA into a spectacle that is close to real life.

How important is hearing person for those who are deaf?

Especially a hearing person who can speak sign language like Ruby obviously becomes very important to her family. For her family, Ruby is a pillar of support. Without Ruby, her family will have difficulty opening their own auction business, without Ruby, her family does not know that they are often cheated on the price of fish.

This happened to me too, people with limited hearing ability, are very afraid to go to public service alone. They tend to experience anxiety about hearing. What if when called he is not heard and is missed? Or, what if you are asked many times, you still can't hear while the other person doesn't necessarily know sign language? This is where a figure like Ruby is very important


character depth

As a deaf person, it's certainly not difficult for Marlee Mathlin to model American Sign Language (ASL), but, Emilia Jones, Troy Kotsur, and Daniel Durant deserve standing applause for their character deepening and ability to act with sign language.

I am very happy because the four members of the Rossi family have different characters and are equally strong. Jackie Rossi (Marlee Matlin), a mother figure who always considers Ruby her baby and will always be at home with her family. Frank, a father figure who is very fair and understands the wishes of his two children. Leo, an older brother who wants to protect and support Ruby's dreams. Dan Ruby, the central character, is a teenager with strong dreams and loves his family. There are many scenes in CODA that make us smile and warm our hearts.



Paula Huidobro as the cinematographer clearly knows what Heder wants. Heder obviously wants to bring the audience to hear what it's like to be deaf? Paula managed to make the listener feel deaf for a moment. At the school's annual fall concert. Ruby, who was in the choir, performed and invited her family to watch her sing. Obviously impossible, right? So, for a few seconds, the camera will focus on Frank and Jackie. The eyes of the two of them wandered around looking at the other spectators around him. Ruby's parents observed people's opinion of Ruby's voice through her facial expressions. In these few seconds, there was no sound or any music. This silent scene makes the audience hear and feel how a deaf person is watching the show and knows the quality of the show that is being held.

According to IMDb CODA has a rating of 8.1/10 from 13k users. CODA won six awards;

NORWAY INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (2021) - Ray of Sunshine Award (winner)

PALM SPRINGS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (2021) -directors to watch (winner)

SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL (2021) -Audience award (winner), Directing Award (winner), Grand Jury Prize (winner), and U.S. Dramatic Special Jury Award (winner)


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