5CM (MOVIE REVIEW): introduction of Mount Semeru which has a bad impact


All human beings can do with their dreams and beliefs is that they just have to believe in them.” - Zafran-


In 2012, Donny Dhirgantoro, Sunil Soraya, and Hilman Mutasi wrote a screenplay for a film called 5cm which was adapted from a novel with the same title by Donny Dhirgantoro. Tells about the story of people's friendship; Genta (Fedi Nuril), Arial (Deny Sumargo, Zafran (Herjunot Ali), Ian (rapper Saykoji), and the only girl member of the team, Riani, played by Raline Shah, as well as supporting players Arini (Pevita Pearce) as a younger sister of Arial.

From the start, the story that was told about the five of them was light, fun, and full of comedy. Zafran who really admires the poet Kahlil Gibran and often quotes words from his poem entitled On Children, Ian is very obsessed with Manchester United and wants to continue his life in a country whose football club is known as The Red Devils, Riani is a beautiful female member , soft-hearted and very understanding with her friends, this can be seen from the way Riani ordered her four friends of instant noodles complete with different requirements. Riani is considered very cool because of this scene. Then, Arial's character who is tall but very nervous about women, and lastly, the only member who is considered the most normal. bell. A sweet, tall, strong-willed figure, has the qualities of a good leader, and a perfectionist in the work he does, Genta.


  • accuracy


For the scale of a film about climbing activities, the 5cm film is included in the category of presenting an inaccurate spectacle. The scene when these six people went on a hike, they only used a 15-20 L backpack for their luggage. In fact, climbers must bring climbing equipment such as tents, sleeping bags, flysheets, gaiters, clothes, stoves, nesting, and logistics such as food, medicine, and others. Obviously it won't fit just a backpack. Or in fact it could be, if there was a porter service to carry their goods. However, in the 5cm film they don't use porters.

  • carelessness

Rizal Mantovani as the director may want the visuals in the film to be made similar to the book. However, the scene after six members descended from the peak of Mahameru and then bathed in Lake Ranu Kumbolo, was considered the biggest mistake. Even though the original shooting was not done on Lake Ranu Kumbolo, the impression that was left in the hearts of the audience was that we were allowed to bathe in the lake. In fact, Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park strictly prohibits anyone from bathing in Ranu Kumbolo because for Hindus the Tengger tribe still considers the lake sacred.

  • adverse effects

Since the screening of the 5cm film, young people's desire to climb has skyrocketed. Many new climbers appear. This can be seen as a positive side in terms of self-introduction to the nature of Indonesia, especially Semeru. However, physical and mental unpreparedness is the biggest problem for new climbers who don't know. They only want to see Semeru because of the 5cm film. They did not prepare themselves that we must be physically and mentally healthy to do the climb. There are many cases of hypothermic climbers, littering, and even polluting Ranu Kumbolo lake. Because of this, 5cm film producers received negative criticism.



Regarding the visuals presented, the 5cm film is worthy if in 2013 they won an award at the Indonesian Film Festival in the category of Best Cinematography Director.

The most fun scene is when Ian (Saykoji) and Arini (Pevita pesrce) slips during a Summit Attack. They succeeded in making Bromo's setting when taking the scene was similar to that of Semeru. This scene is the climax of the 5cm film.



Rated 7.2/10 on imdb, the 5cm film remains a film worth watching with friends or family. This film can also add to my insight about Mount Semeru which is the roof of the island of Java.


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