Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop (animated film review)

Finally! Another anime featuring the beauty of poetry. I am personally into poetry and I have seen some animated series which featured them. Both of the past anime I've watched Chihayafuru and Chouyaku Hyakuninisshu: Uta Koi featured Japan's Hyakunin Isshu which is a collection of 100 Japanese short poems called tanka.

The animated film I'm going to talk about in this post focused more on haiku. Haiku and tanka are both short Japanese poems. Haiku is the popular 5-7-5 poetry piece, while tanka has 2 additional lines with 7 syllables each. I love reading some Japanese poetry translations and when it comes to writing, I'm more of a free poetry type of person. Anyway, before I get more into my poetry talk, let's start with the review of the film, "Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop".


The story revolves around two teens. One is a boy named Yui or better known as Cherry and the other is a girl named Yuki.

Cherry is pretty bad at communicating with others, so he often wears his headphones to avoid people from talking with him. Because of his difficulty in communicating with others, he expresses himself by writing haiku(s) and posting them online. He currently works part-time in place of his mom at Yodamari which is a day-service for the elderly inside a mall.

Yuki, on the other hand, is a popular influencer but with some insecurities especially with regards her teeth. She has this beaver-like teeth that she decided to put braces on. Because of her insecurity, she tends to wear a mask to hide them.

By chance, these two characters met and befriended each other, however, Cherry's family was going to transfer in a month. How would Cherry find the courage to tell Yuki about this plan when the two of them has finally gotten closer?


I personally like the story because it's so relatable. We all have our insecurities and difficulties in expressing what we truly feel. It's hard to tell people we are so close with that we're leaving. I had experienced this firsthand when I transferred from my high school in the countryside to the city. I didn't tell my friends until the last minute because it was so hard to say goodbye. I didn't have the courage to do so, so in some way, I could totally relate to Cherry's situation.

In addition, I love how they used the beauty of haiku in this film. One of Cherry's friends, Beaver, wrote some of Cherry's haiku all around the place. hahaha I enjoyed reading them as the movie went on.


In the picture above, Beaver wrote:


In English, it translates to:

Hey sunflower, I asked my dictionary the definition of "cute".

I know it's sometimes difficult to interpret haiku(s), but once you watch the film, you'd understand why and how Cherry came up with this poem. There were a lot of very interesting and heartwarming haiku(s) not only Cherry but also the elderly in the day-service wrote.

Aside from the interesting story, I also personally like the art style and animation. It's not heavy on the eyes and they really did well with the use of various lines and colors. They're popping in a great way! The soundtrack is also really commendable. <3 For a better view, let me share the trailer below.


Overall, I love this anime. It's refreshing and heartwarming at the same time. There were also some funny and emotional scenes. It's been a while since I watched such a nice animated movie. I recommend it, especially if you're into poetry. Well, even if you don't, I'm positive, you'd still enjoy it. :)


I'll end my review here. Please do tell me what you think about this film once you get the chance to watch it. :)



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