The School for Good and Evil --- two sides of every story

Have you ever wondered how the characters, both the protagonists and antagonists, in fairy tales were casted? Or how they were like before their own fairy tales or story started and introduced to the world? Well, this movie might give you a hint about it.

Let's talk about this movie on Netflix called, "The School for Good and Evil".


What is the movie all about?

The story is about two best friends who live in a small village called Gavaldon.

Sophie, the lady with the golden hair who looks like a princess is obsessed with fairy tales. She's the type of person who wants to escape their boring and dreary life to start her own fairy tale. She often daydreams of becoming a princess and finding her own prince and happily ever after.

Her best friend, Agatha, is the total opposite. She is very dark and gloomy... and because of her mother, she's tagged as a witch in their village. Despite that, she's trying to live her life as long as she's with her mother and her best friend.


However, because of a certain wish, both of them were brought to a magical place... the place they've only read in books. The place the existence of which was doubted by many... it's "The School for Good and Evil".

Obviously, Sophie was anticipating it while Agatha wasn't that excited. However, both of them were dropped separately, one in the school for the good, and the other for the evil...


The princess-like Sophie was brought to the school of Evil, while the gloomy Agatha now belongs to the school of Good. And so, the chaos began... lol

Anyway, here's the trailer for this movie. Feel free to check it out!


What I think about the movie...

Well, I'm not really a huge fan of fantasy films, but it was quite interesting. The effects were good, but it could have been better. Story-wise, it was very fairytale-like but with a twist. It's funny how the movie depicted the shallow standards of some fairytale stories and characters. It's kind of likened to the modern world, and I find that amusing.


The plot twist was kind of expected, though. There were some "meh" moments, but there were also some funny and engaging ones. As I've mentioned, the story was very fairytale-like... so it tells about dreams and love. But what I like about it is the emphasis on how selfishness and selflessness affect the people around you.

Not my favorite, but it's an interesting movie to watch with family... especially when you have kids at home. I bet the younger audience would enjoy it more. All in all, it was an okay movie for me.

Would I rewatch it? Maybe... when I have time.
Did I regret watching it? Nope... though it wasn't the best, I still found myself enjoying it. So maybe, you may, too.
Would you watch if there's a continuation? Yes... I'm quite curious!

Anyway, please tell me your thoughts if you've already watched this film... if not and decided to do so, comment down below. See you around! :)

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