Red Notice Trailer Is Out and What You Should Expect

The movie starrs three of one of the best actors in the world. We are talking of Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot. The Trailer centres around Ryan Reynolds being the second most wanted art thief in the world, who got caught by one of the best FBI agent, Dwayne Johnson. But Dwayne Johnson wants to catch a bigger fish, bigger than Ryan Reynolds, so the best way to catch a thief is to send a thief.


Dwayne Johnson decided to collaborate with Ryan Reynolds to get her(Gal Gadot). But being a smarter thief than Ryan Reynolds she was steps ahead of them, so she ended setting Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds up for arrest. They plan how they were going to escape from the prison and go after her because she wanted to steal the most priceless art in the world, which is the cleopatra’s egg.


Now let’s go to the theatrics of the trailer. Ryan Reynolds is a very funny guy with great sense of humor. His movies has a way of combining comedy and extreme action which I kind of find rare. Dwayne Johnson is known for his macho self, being the muscle and always lifting the big things so the trailer didn’t really portray him to be funny.


The trailer portrayed Gal Gadot to be extremely smart as she was always calling them dumb. In the fighting scene Gal Gadot was fighting against two guys which were Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds. Ryan Reynolds of course was portrayed as the clumsy funny one in the movie. Especially when he dropped the cleopatras egg and also when he tried breaking the art glass to take the vintage gun because he watched Dwayne Johnson shatter a glass.

There was a scene in the trailer where they copied the “are you not entertained” scene from the movie “The Gladiator”. The rock screamed “Are You Not Entertained?” And got thrown out by a bull.

This is a movie I will love to watch because I love the actors in the movie. The movie is expected to be very successful starring these three incredible actors. Stay tune and get ready to be entertained.

The movie is expected to drop on November 12.

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