Weekly Movies & TV Shows Community Report #1: Contest Runners-Up


Hello! As part of our ongoing efforts to improve both interaction and curation in the Movies and TV Shows Community, this post is one of many to highlight and boost members of the past week that have posted what we believe is exceptional content.

The Details

Each week, our Moderators will monitor the posts within the Movies and TV Shows Community and handpick the ones that are believed to stand out under numerous factors: post quality, length, and subject. Over all effort will be considered, and those chosen will be featured in a post just like this with a percentage of the post rewards being distributed as a reward.

There's no entry requirements, and this is not a contest, but simply a weekly roundup aimed at providing additional exposure to you all for your efforts. Simply have fun posting in the Movies and TV Shows Community and five (5) total posts will be chosen throughout the week.

This particular week focuses on our first contest, thanks to the OCD Community Boost Contest in which over 200 of you participated. Given the high number of quality posts, we've dedicated our first report to highlighting a handful of posts we believe were exceptional. Each of our chosen contributions will be receiving 5% of this post's rewards.

Author: @ochitoalreves

[ESP/ENG] OCD Community Boost Contest #5: Mis villanos Favoritos | My favorite Villains

I believe that antagonists play a fundamental role in the stories, as they contribute to the development of the characters. It is also interesting when the protagonists become the villain of the plot, since we see their point of view of the world that surrounds them and what led them to be like that.


Author: @carolinacardoza

OCD Community Boost Contest #5:|| Me encantan los Biopics 🎬 I love Biopics

Thinking about this I realize that I have to choose without a doubt a genre that I love and it is called biographical cinema. Researching a little about what this topic is about, I found that it is also called "Biopic". Biopic is a film genre that is responsible for creating dramatizations of the life of a real character or a particular situation that has marked the lives of many people for better or worse.


Author: @baesed

Joaquin Phoenix's Joker is one of the most evil villains that can make you feel uncomfortable.

Phoenix's Joker is absolutely the representation of a person who is sick in the head, you feel very sorry for him, the things that happen, everything is decadent in his story, even makes you feel empathy for him, wanting to cross the big screen for wanting to give him a hug, a very misunderstood person in a current world where a large number of people feel no remorse towards people with mental problems.


Author: @fixie

[ENG-ESP] THE DYSTOPIA WITHIN SCIENCE FICTION. A very important sub-genre. My favorite genre.

There are two more profound and shape-shaping characteristics of the dystopian genus. One of them is that the government is invincible, every rebellion or attempt at it is a resounding failure. This is due in particular to the pessimistic view of history, this philosophy appears in this genre by putting the state as an invincible god who will rule forever and ever. Another aspect is the dehumanization of people that turns them into mere servants, this dehumanization prevents cooperation and solidarity between people and also prevents love.


Author: @wiseagent
Tropa de Elite - 1 & 2 (Elite Squad - 1 & 2): The disgusting portrait of Brazilian corruption right before your eyes.

Diving into a sad (and profound) reality in Brazil, it was no accident that José Padilha (along with Rodrigo Pimentel and Bráulio Mantovani) opted for Rio de Janeiro. Every kind of idea that violates the most basic rights of the Brazilian people lives there, being fueled by a level of criminal practice that makes the most corrupt politicians in other countries jealous.



Congratulations to everyone that was chosen, and thank you to everyone posting in Movies & TV Shows! We look forward to next week and highlighting even more of you.

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