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Author: @belemo

Gemini Man Review: Wicked CGI and thats's about it

Well, you know how these things go because well, Hollywood has told us that you can't just quit being an assassin without some troublefinding you. That sort of sucks for anyone interested in going down that path but at least you get to learn cool stunts, kung fu and all that cool stuff that WIll SMith could do in his 50s.


Author: @bengy

Mitchell's vs the Machines: The perfect family movie?

We've seen some pretty terrible animated films on the Netflix platform recently... mostly being cheap Disney/Pixar wannabes that have little in the way of comparable grasp of storytelling, humour and music. Mostly, they have been a hit with the kids, but terribly excruciating to sit through as an adult. So, my hopes for The Mitchell's vs the Machines was pretty damn low!


Author: @burnoutawesome

How Whiplash presents Jazz and the world of passionate artists

Here is a post of another of my favorite movies, this one I have a special affection for because it deals with a subject like music, of which I am fully associated and I love to be, Whiplash is one of those movies that as soon as you play it you get caught by its setup and performances, I had it in my sights after watching another of the work of its director Damien Chazzelle, La La Land, which could not be more different from the work that I will analyze today because Whiplash is rhythm with pressure included, a story of failures and the ambition to always aspire to more.


Author: @tripode

Tripode watches - Nobody [ENG-ESP]

spoiler alert The film starts here, at first giving us to understand that this man is shouting life, fed up, very beaten and that somehow he was involved in some crime, or participated in the scene receiving many blows.


Author: @vincentnijman

Monster Wolf - The Werewolf Movie That I Did Not Watch During Yesterday's Full Moon

It was full moon yesterday.There's a chance you noticed it. Unless you're living under a rock, in a cave or inside a city full of light pollution.Or, perhaps, you're just an extreme introvert ( I'm aware that there's plenty of them on Hive / the blockchain ). It's likely that you don't check the news or the weather or, maybe, you've got agoraphobia and never even look out of the window.



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