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Author: @solsticia

[ESP-ENG] Review: If anything happens, i love you

Happy evening everyone, this is my first review and post in this community I hope to be on the sidelines. The truth is I've only "officially" done about 10 reviews, I'm not a specialist or anything close to it, however I love cinema and everything that comprises the audiovisual world so I'm going to take this space to talk about projects that I've liked a lot and maybe one or another that I didn't like so much. The good thing is that it is an excellent opportunity to explore in this area so I hope to be on the sidelines.




Greetings to all my friends moviegoers, today I want to talk a little about what I consider my favorite female character in the world of cinema: Sarah Connor. This character needs no introduction, he is an idol of popular culture and well known to fans of the Terminator saga. Today I want to add my personal opinion of why I like this character.



[Es/En] SnyderCut - El segundo round de la Liga de la Justicia del DCEU / The second round of the DCEU's Justice League)

After months of the release of Zack Snyder's Justice League, I have finally been able to dedicate some time to watch it. It's a movie I've wanted to watch since I noticed the impact this one was making on audiences, so now that I've watched it, I've decided to tell my opinion of this movie and everything surrounding it too.



Hemlock Grove, terror, suspenso y algo mas/ Hemlock Grove, horror, suspense and something more(ESP/ENG)

TV series are entertaining and often keep us glued to the screens, this obviously depends on the taste of each person, what I could love and hook you maybe not, but the stories that are not lacking in series and movies are those relating to werewolves and vampires, often appears only one of these, but sometimes both are present. Today I am going to comment my opinion of a series that is based on a novel of the same name by Author Brian McGreevy and that was one of the first I decided to see when acquiring a Netflix account, in it werewolves and vampires are present its name:



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