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Author: @dedicatedguy

[ENG + ESP] Cruella (8/10) - "From an early age I realized I saw the world differently than everyone else"

The Cruella character originated in the popular animated movie 101 Dalmatians. I remember watching this movie when I was a little kid but it never became one of my favorites, to be honest. I wasn't entirely convinced about watching this film since I first heard of it but little by little I began to change my opinion.




Hello Hivers. Today I’d like to share with you a very underrated Bollywood psychological thriller - My Client's Wife. This small budgeted movie still managed to turn out brilliant, mostly because of its fantastic storyline which leaves you on the edge of your seat in the second half. The start of the movie is quite slow-paced but the story takes mindboggling turns when it proceeds further.



I Care a Lot (2021): A scary look at guardianship

A court appointed guardian is thrust upon a senior woman who is perfectly capable of taking care of herself. The guardian appears on the doorstep of the house and informs you, in this case Dianne Wiest, that you are incompetent in the eyes of the law and you are to come with her.Huh? What? These are the reactions of the new ward of the state. Scary, sudden and overwhelming. You start to protest and this lady (Rosamund Pike) points to the police cars outside in a nice demeanor and states that it's in your best interest to pack a bag and come with her.




My rainy Days (Tenshi no koi) - Mis días lluviosos / Film Review

Hello! this is my first post in this community in which I have been interested since I joined. It has always seemed to me that the things we love and are passionate about are a part of us; movies, series, are shades of our humanity, our cultures, our personal developments, our society.I have always loved Asian cinema since I grew up watching anime and I started to relate to Japanese productions, I wanted to make my first post something special here, so I decided to do it with the first non-animated Japanese film that captured my soul, without further detours let's get to what we came here for



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