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Author: @lumpymoon

Análisis de la película "La nube"/Analysis of the film "The Cloud"

Within the horror/horror genre, always used to follow a thin line of similar strategies to get the viewer to react according to what they see, reflect the impact in terms of the story and the scenes that stand out in movies or series, but very rarely have dared to leave that box to build their own strategies that go according to the evolution of how emotions and feelings are perceived, as human beings to be constantly modernized, extreme situations or danger also evolve, anxiety evolves and fears evolve.



Snake Eyes - Film Review [ESP/ENG]

In the 1980s the first all-American animated series that I became a fan of was "G.I. Joe". Joe", it was a story I liked watching because it had continuity and wasn't so repetitive with others, but I especially liked it because it had two of my favorite characters, one was "Storm Shadow" a ninja dressed in white, which respected the ninja way, I remember that at the beginning it was hard for me to understand that this character was a ninja because he used a gun and had a series of grenades, but the other thing was that he didn't speak and for a long time I thought he was mute; one bad and the other good, I liked so much to see them that later I only saw episodes in which they appeared and were complete protagonists, for me they were the best because they had a great rivalry and over the years and after two films were released based on this series of action figures, comics and animated series, these two good characters have not been well represented on the big screen, but with the release of this new film it seems that there is a chance to do something good, that's why despite the bad reviews received about this film I decided to watch it and give my opinion about this story of origins of both characters.



Have you ever wanted a wish to come true? || Ted 1 - Review

Today I want to talk to you about Ted Bear or simply Teddy, a comedy that was not to the liking of many and that others maybe seeing it later or having seen it will be surprised that I have seen it hahaha.The truth is that I stumbled upon this film several years after its release in 2012, when I saw the cover, wow! I swear I never saw the beers haha, I just saw and said ohyyy, a teddy bear! And I started watching it.




El asesino de las postales. // The postcard killings. [Esp/Eng]

Hello everyone! I recently saw a movie called "The Postcard Killings", this one was released in 2020, starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who, in my opinion despite having seen only two movies in which he had the lead role, has done a great role as an actor and knows how to play the roles he is cast in, some may recognize him from "The Walking Dead". It was filmed in Great Britain and gives you a little tour of the European continent, though not for tourist purposes exactly... From what I've been told, the premiere of the movie didn't have much to talk about as it wasn't given enough attention, however, the thriller on Netflix left a lot of curiosity for those who were able to see it before the premiere. I must point out that there was no reason to see the film, I had no impulse, I had not even heard the title before, but seeing it among the recommended ones I decided to try to see it to know a little more, although the plot with the title was evident.



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