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Author: @zellypearl

The Divine Fury

You know that weird looks people give you whenever something is being mentioned in a group or a gathering of people and it seems you are the only one left out? Trust me I have seen a lot of it. It's the same looks I get whenever I tell people I don't Facebook or hardly ever go to that site.It's the same looks I get when I tell people I don't have an intimate friend.It's even the same looks I get when I tell people I hardly watch movies these days.



If anxiety was a movie - Uncut Gems

Forget thrillers and horror movies. What you really need is the "Anxiety" genre. This is my unpopular opinion of the day: Adam Sandler has completely redeemed himself through Uncut Gems. Whether you hate the Waterboy for his mediocre acting or love him out of pity, Adam has really shown us what he can do when the stars align.



Review of The King: Eternal Monarch/ Reseña de El Rey: Eterno Monarca/ 👑 BY @mafer.writer [ESP-ENG]

Hello once again friends of Hive, this time I would like to share with you a new and short review of the South Korean Dorama series, The King: Eternal Monarch, this in order to encourage you to watch and enjoy much more of this genre that is always telling authentic, exciting and funny stories. I will also be leaving the names of the pages, or apps where you can go to see it.




Se7en (1995) review!

David Fincher, an American director who did not know who he was or if I had seen any of his films (and yes, I saw The girl with the dragon tattoo and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button), is the mastermind behind this incredible work of art. In this thriller-drama we will see how detectives Somerset and Mills are assigned to the possible murder of an excessively fat man, only to discover that this is only the first of several murders that refer to the seven deadly sins.



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