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Author: @evegrace

2 Minutes of Fame Review ~ A Comic Movie

BDeandre was an attendant in a supermarket but was dismissed by the manager because of his love for entertaining customers instead of attending to their needs when they come to the store to get something. Tried so many times to get a new job but failed woefully.




Hello friends moviegoers, today I want to talk briefly about one of my favorite films of this year: Rurouni Kenshin The Beginning. I have always been very fond of this story, for me it has great depth since it represents the time of the change of a nation like Japan, a very strong cultural fact for the people of that time and I think that this manga knew how to reflect it very well .



Blood Born review (2021) ~If you can't have children, don't try to use magic to achieve it, it could go very wrong~

Greetings, dear Hivers! Today I bring you a movie that I discovered yesterday and nothing else with the name and reading a little of the synopsis, they intrigued me enough to see it. The story looked interesting and in the same synopsis they raised a situation that already made you think about what was going to go wrong, a little spoiler, but it was not very difficult to imagine the outcome of the plot. The movie in question is Blood Born.



Una sinopsis convertido en poema: Hasta el Ășltimo hombre // A synopsis turned poem: Until the last man

The cinema is considered as a window to the universe, where great stars, actors and fantastic films are remembered, which endure over time, the big screen impacts the viewer's eye, turning the room into an optical illusion and with this beautiful reflection, I bring to you a synopsis turned into a splendid poem, a film full of emotion, this is the last man, where faith and determination, set the tone throughout the production.



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