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Author: @maryed

[ESP] | [ENG] — Mis 3 Caricaturas Favoritas || My 3 Favorite Cartoons.

Enjoying my favorite cartoons is something I will never stop doing no matter how old I am because the truth is that you are never old enough to stop laughing or learning interesting things from the cartoons we love the most. I remember when I was a child and my hour in front of the TV was over I would beg my father if I could stay a few more minutes watching my favorite cartoons and what I would say was that I wanted to enjoy my childhood to watch all those cartoons because I was sure that when I was an adult I wouldn't be so interested in watching "comics".




Skate Into Love Review! (EN/TR) Skate Into Love Dizi İncelemesi!

Today I will review a Chinese drama again. This series is one of the first far east TV series I discovered. It's about comedy, youth and love. Actually, just to say youth is a bit of an understatement. We will talk about a sports youth. In particular, two sports branches are in the foreground. Short track speed skating and ice hockey.



[ES-EN] Opinión sobre Rápidos y Furiosos 9 // Opinion about Fast and Furious 9

Hello Hivers movie and series lovers, this time I want to comment on the latest film of one of the most commercial sagas of the action genre in recent times, a long awaited movie and this time I want to share with the whole community my opinion about it, what I liked and what I did not like much of this movie that is on the lips of many fans but at the same time highlights the debate about the first films of the saga and its change in recent productions, it is time to analyze from my point of view to Fast and Furious 9.




Million Dollar Baby / Review / (ENG) (ESP)

Million dollar Baby is one of those films that mark us if or if being one of the best works of Clint Eastwood and also one of the most profound and now I come to give my opinion on this great film in the hive community.



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