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Author: @netflixr

Masters of the Universe on Netflix: They did a lot of things wrong

I realize that a lot of this is subjective but the only opinions I have inside my head are my own so we'll just have to run with that. I went into this expecting great things because it was being directed or produced by Kevin Smith who you might know as "Silent Bob" from some pretty epic films from the 90's. He is no PC crusader or at least wasn't back in the day. It was actually the fact that he was brash and the opposite of being PC that saw him rise to the top. This is one of the things that I found so surprising and disappointing about Masters of the Universe: Revelation that recently dropped on Netflix.




Onward | Unidos | Review

Onward is a movie that, besides being beautiful, is very educational and leaves us with a great variety of teachings.It was released last year 2020, and not long ago I found out that it is a story based on true events, by a director named Dan.



Mis impresiones sobre la película Viuda Negra / My impressions of the movie Black Widow

I recently saw the Marvel movie Black Widow and I honestly didn't like it. I agree that the postponement for two years due to Covid-19 reduced the impact of the premiere, and even some logic in the plot, because it was previously known that the character of Natasha Romanoff dies in Avengers: Endgame and that, in my opinion, they decreased so much the suspense as well as the expectations, that's why it was difficult for me to digest this film as a Spin-off.





A cordial greeting to all the Community of CINÉFILOS, in this opportunity I bring you my review of the movie Voraz (Raw) I hope you like it. In advance I want to thank everyone who watch my videos and for the constant support, thank you all very much.



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