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Author: @oryans.belt

The Wall(2017) - Review

Two soldiers are lured into a trap by an expert sniper who hopes to use them as further bait to lure more American soldiers into his death zone. One of the aforementioned soldiers, Isaac, finds cover behind a crumbling wall, which provides salvation and time to put all his military skills to use in order to survive his hellish ordeal.




Black Widow is 13 years too late. And Scarlett Johansson should be suing for more!

One of the deadliest spies, with the prettiest eyes, and a cunning assassin. That is Black Widow, real name Natalia Romanoff. If you thought Hawkeye and Falcon were the underdogs for being portrayed such lamely in the MCU and not being given their own stand-alone movie, boy are you going to feel worse for Black Widow.



[ENG/ESP] Review - Iron Man

Nowadays, when we talk about Marvel's most iconic superheroes, the first names that cross our minds are Captain America, Hulk, Thor, and Iron Man, truth is that this wasn’t always the case. In fact, by the early 2000s the film rights to their most popular superheroes were split; the X-Men belonged to 20th Century Fox, while the rights to Marvel's then most famous superhero and practically the face of their company, Spider-Man, were in the hands of Sony. This is why Marvel took the risky decision to open a studio in which they would independently produce their own films, taking all the artistic decisions themselves. This is how Marvel Studios was born and also the movie that unleashed the superhero’s movies phenomenon: Iron Man, a risky movie to say the least since it was about a character that wasn’t precisely popular.




Fast & Furious 9 - Film Review [ESP/ENG]

In the world of movies when a story is successful is difficult to die, no matter if the film is bad or good the important thing is how much money it generates at the box office and that will dictate that it should continue making movies, because no matter how worn is to see the same product, there will always be fans who will want to see more about the characters that are part of these films, full of adventure, action, overcoming the impossible to save the world and that is why it is difficult to end this kind of stories where their leading creators will always seek ways to correspond to both old and new followers.



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