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Author: @chaodietas

KATLA (Miniserie Review) [ENG/ESP]

Hello cinephile friends and lovers of small-screen productions, today I want to tell you about a miniseries that I finished watching recently. It is KATLA, independent Icelandic production of 8 chapters transmitted by Netflix, which keeps you waiting to try to unravel its mysteries.



[ESP| ENG] My story with Finding Dory | Mi historia con Buscando a Dory

Finding Dory is basically the movie that continues the story of Finding Nemo, at first when I saw the trailers I didn't think that the title was going to be literal, but that it was Dory's adventure and well... no, it is literal, a series of things happen that make that this time Marlin and Nemo have to look for Dory HAHAHAHA. For me the movie is very good, many people criticized it for not being as great as the first one but I don't care, I really like both of them.



Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)

I was originally going to space out the Disney reviews, but I remembered how much I disliked Hunchback as a kid, so I thought if I delayed just after sitting through Pocahontas I would get way to behind. That being said, I still don't like it, but I find myself being a lot kinder to this movie than my memory would have me believe.


Reseña de serie - Mucho terror e incomodidad con "Them" // Series review - A lot of terror and awkwardness with "Them" .

For today I bring you a series that I just finished watching a couple of days ago and the truth is that saying that it impressed me is not enough for what this series caused in me at the time I was watching it. There have been 2 series that have made me squirm out of my chair because of how uncomfortable they are in certain passages, The Handmaids Tale and Them, of which I'm going to talk a little.



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