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Author: @maitt87

6 Reasons why you should watch Cruella / 6 Razones por las cuales debes ver Cruella [ENG / SPA]

What's up friends of Hive and the Movies and TV Series community! As it is already known by many, the new Disney Cruella movie is available on their streaming, so I definitely had to see this blast of punk cinema with dashes of evil that takes us back to the origins of "101 Dalmatians" and here I leave you the 6 reasons why you have to see this movie.



Arrested Development Season 3 (2005) review: The greatest season of television in comedy history.

If there is a particular genre that I am passionate about when it comes to television series, it is comedy, and it is that although it is often looked down upon by general critics and considered inferior to deep dramas, few series challenge both the conventions of modern storytelling as well as a good comedy.



My Ranking to the best Cartoon🔝

As you are my dearest community, I hope you are all well, today I bring you a kind of initiative that previously in my beginnings in hive I brought to this blog, digging through my older publications, since I needed some pictures of my previous posts for my article of the year in Hive, I came across this initiative that I was trying to promote and I found it very entertaining "even full of some controversy😅", what was this initiative; Mi ranking al Cine de Disney - My ranking to Disney Cinema📽✨ O [My Ranking] “Las mejores sagas de videojuego - The best videogame sagas” [ENG/ESP] 🎮 , here you will have some examples about it, but basically my people is about, in making a ranking on different topics, with the help of Tiermaker, a platform that is responsible for making these compilations and we accommodate it according to our criteria, but this is not only to assemble this ranking, but also to justify a bit the list, mainly the number one selections of your ranking.



Review: Serie Time - 2021 (ESP-ENG)

Mark Cobden goes to prison for accidentally killing an innocent man, there he meets Eric McNally an officer with an unblemished career. The series is a photograph of British prisons, a story of friendship, redemption and how a mistake in life can cost you Time.



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