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Author: @modernzorker

Michael's Film & TV Library: Updates to the Collection

Because comics, horror novels, Dungeons & Dragons, and LaserDiscs aren't enough, I also collect books about film and television history. I'm especially interested in books that cover horror films specifically, but I also enjoy video review guides of all stripes, and general film and TV history. I have wide and eclectic tastes, as you already know if you've followed me for any length of time on here.



🇪🇸 Devs: Miniserie de ciencia ficción, drama y suspenso - 🇬🇧 Devs: Sci-Fi Drama Thriller Miniseries

Recently recommended the television miniseries called "Devs" to me, he did so in a comment that he left me in my review about the movie Ex-Machine. The suggestion was motivated because, like the aforementioned feature film, the series is also directed by the British filmmaker Alex Garland, in addition the tone and narrative character of both productions are similar, since they are stories that involve very advanced technologies, but at the same time quite realistic, they are also dramatic stories with hints of suspense. In that comment he told me: "If you liked Ex Machina, you are going to love that miniseries." Well, he was not wrong, the series seemed exquisite to me.



[ESP/ENG] Mis 5 películas favoritas | My 5 favorite movies)

Hello again! Today I come with a super cool post in which I'll talk about the 5 movies I've liked the most. Talking about the movies I've liked the most is difficult because there are so many that I love and that I could watch a thousand times without getting tired. The ones I will name today are well known and others not so much, but they share something in common: a very particular plot, which caught me completely and that I will summarize without giving you spoilers in case you are interested in watching them. Let's start!



Alone Season 8 - Bet on who will win!

If you've never watched Alone, it's probably the craziest survival reality show ever made. 10 people are dropped off in different places in a remote area and they film themselves as they see who can last the longest alone in the wilderness. They are only allowed to bring 10 items. The production and medical teams check in once a week to drop off fresh batteries and to make sure the contestants are staying healthy.



A Star is Born| Why haven't I seen this movie before?| Appreciation post

Well I plead guilty for not having seen this movie before, I listened to the songs because I like Lady Gaga's music, but I had not seen the movie, these days I finally had it in front of me and I started to watch it, and although it is an old movie it still inspired me a lot and here I am.



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