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Author: @naath

Review of the Movie: Closest love to Heaven

Hello dear Hive community I hope you are doing very well. Today I come to tell you about a Japanese movie called Kyo no Kira-kun or in English (Closest love to heaven).



The Orphanage (8/10) "One, two, three, knock on the wall"

Last night I was in the mood to watch a nice suspense-horror film so I decided to rewatch this Spanish production called The Orphanage that I hadn’t seen in several years. The only thing I remembered about this film was that it obviously took place in an orphanage and that there were some ghosts of kids. There aren’t many good Spanish productions belonging to the suspense-horror genres, and this is certainly one of the best ever created in that country.



The Amazon series that people are talking about so much lately "Solos", but what did I just see? (Analysis+Review without spoilers)

Greetings friends from hive, I hope you are having an excellent week, this time I do a different post about a different theme (worth redundancy), I know that I usually review a video game, but this time I come to talk about a series of gave What to talk until recently, the truth is relatively good, so still have time to see it without me or another person ruin them, but if they just want to know about another person's opinion so as not to invest more than 3 hours of Its time in 7 episodes of "Solos", you are making the right decision because it is a series that is not all can appreciate, in fact, I am almost certain that most will get bored by the first minutes of the first chapter or at least They would leave after seeing the 2nd chapter.



[ENG/ESP] Review - Her

Greetings, Hive! A long time ago I heard about "Her" a movie in which a guy falls in love with an artificial intelligence, when I heard the premise what I did was to laugh and think that it must be a comedy or something like that. Years went by, and a few days ago while browsing on the internet I came across a more serious synopsis of this movie and it made me curious enough to watch it. What I found when I saw Her was not only that I was wrong to think it was a comedy film but that it’is a film that poses its premise in a quite intelligent way and makes you empathize with its protagonists.



Luca - Film Review

FIt is always special to see the stories where a group of children form a great friendship, all based on a vacation where they explore adventures that makes them discover new things, face fears and even overcome them, a time they will never forget because it was the beginning of their growth stage, this kind of stories "Coming of Age", will always be special because they have the possibility to connect with many people by remembering funny and even dangerous occurrences when we were children, remembering friendships, places and without any doubt these stories activate nostalgia and make us travel to those good times where we long to live first with fear of doing something dangerous and then overcome them even if it is still dangerous, but I think that's what makes those moments unforgettable and even better that they are moments that when remembering can give us great happiness; there are many movies and tv series that deal with this subject from different points of view, some with comedy, others with drama and even horror, but as shown in this film I can say that it is something special.



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