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Author: @nanitaakane05

Who Needs Therapy? | The Great Hypnotist (Review)

SPECTACULAR. That's how I simplify my review of this psychological thriller film. Asian cinema is winning many of the disputes with the West and this time I allow myself to share with you a gem from China. A few weeks ago I commented to another Hive movie buff about this film, I was wrong about its name and origin, I thought it was Korean since I saw it on YouTube and they changed the name, I guess because of copyright (in fact it is no longer there). Doing some research on the director and writer, Leste Chen, he had not had much luck with his productions but with this one he went all out. ATTENTION: I'm not mentioning all this (and what's missing) because I love movies of this genre, but it's actually brutally good.



Over the Garden Wall: Mini serie review (2014) [ENG - ESP]

Personally, I am not a person who currently consumes or enjoys watching television channels, I think that several platforms currently through the internet, satisfy that demand for most of us, but if there was a distant time in which I enjoyed watching television, channels like Cartoon Network or Animal Planet and Discovery channel, were my most common means of distraction.



[ESP | ENG] The Croods (FILM REVIEW)

A story that takes place in the stone age, a family that lived in a cave that, when it was destroyed, completely changed their circumstances, a plot that involved me in its history. A self-sacrificing father who was devoted to the welfare of his family and although his north was to protect them, he made some mistakes, which at times led him to lose the approval of his family. Their lives were turned upside down, and although it is a film based on an extinct time, I relate it to what we live today, the end of the world, which was nothing more than the earth being divided, made the routines and lifestyle of the Croods obsolete to the new circumstances that were being presented.



Army of the Dead - Film Review [ESP/ENG]

The Zombie genre is one of my favorites, I have seen several movies although I must say that I do not consume everything that has to do with this type of creatures, the ones I like to see are the ones that can be funny, terrifying and even want to show something different and that's because I believe that Zombies can fit in any story like comedies, action, romance, drama, musicals, animation, can be part of any story since the living dead can even vary in their characteristics, there are fast, slow, smart, not smart, rotten, new, silent, talking (or trying), they can be of any form depending on the story and definitely this is what makes me enjoy this kind of films of which I may or may not have high expectations depending if they are big productions or not because I know that the more money I know they can give a lot to this kind of stories, although I must say that my expectations are normal as anyone can have since I only expect to have fun, to be entertained that the rules are respected and I believe that only with that I can enjoy a good movie.


(ESP-ENG) Reseña de serie - Una mirada a El Alienista // Serie review - A look at The Alienist.

I'm coming a little late to review this series since it premiered about 3 years ago but since the fact doesn't imply that here we are talking about it a little bit. The Alienist is one of those series that are not at all known, I say this because many people I know have no idea of its existence and it's a shame because I consider it a gem of the good ones.



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