Announcing the Winners of Contest #2: What are your favourite comedies?


Hello! This post is for announcing our three (3) winners of the second Movies & TV Shows Community contest: What are your favourite comedies?

This contest was aimed at encouraging our community to write about and share their favourite comedy movies and television shows, regardless of age, country of origin, and to tell us all why they love them so much. In addition, engagement was a contributing factor to our decision making.

We had a significantly large number of submissions, which again really surprised us; especially when some of you had managed to roll out submissions within an hour or two of the contest announcement!

Without taking even more of your time, here are our winners:

1st place author: @nameless16 - 35 Hive Reward

My 5 Favorite Comedies


In the mid 90's' Blockbuster arrived to my city, immediately my father created his subscription to enjoy some of the movies they had, one of the first we rented was just "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective", I remember telling my brother, claiming why I had chosen that movie, I didn't know the actor, but from the moment we hit play we didn't stop laughing, Jim Carrey is a genius, he's the best, the voices, the gestures, the physical comedy, the phrases, I really didn't stop laughing, Ace Ventura must be one of the best characters I have ever seen, mainly in that film, I remember a few months ago I made a review about this film and I thought that in this time we live in, this film would be totally cancelled, but still there are many things that make you laugh whether in the 90's or 30 years later.


2nd place author: @gabrieladifazio - 20 Hive Reward

5 of my favorite comedy movies


The particular way children have of facing difficult situations with their innocence and creativity is excellent material to make a movie, and those who made this one knew it all too well. Kevin's ingenuity when it comes to committing pranks will be put to the test to defend his house from those evildoers who dare to try to loot it, and we will laugh at his occurrences The villains of the story also have a lot of relevance in terms of laughter thanks to their expressions and how clumsy they are.


3rd place author: @kruznik7 - 15 Hive Reward

5 comedies, 5 different messages | My personal top of comedy movies


Comedy is a film genre that is often confused with just having a good time, relaxing, and laughing out loud, although this is true and is the main reason why such productions are released on the market, often the context of some comedies comedy can leave us much more. The dark humor of Parasite, the sardonic look of Quentin Tarantino with Inglorious Bastards or the social and irreverent context of Wild Tales are proof of this.


Congratulations to each of our winners. You'll be receiving liquid Hive shortly as your reward. To all that contributed to this contest: thank you! We look forward to running another contest soon and hope to see you all again for the next one. Even if you are not part of our winners, we still aim to actively curate each contest we run, with the help of OCD curation. Ensuring that great content receives the reward it deserves.


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