Announcing The Movies & TV Shows Community Discord


As part of our continuous efforts to ramp up interaction within the Movies & TV Shows Community and ensure content of all types is both welcomed and curated fairly, the next step is one that should support the Community and provide a hub. This hub is a Discord Server: a place where the Community can come together and interact instantly. There will be multiple links to the Discord Server in this post for visibility reasons. There is one above, below, and at the very bottom of the post.

Thus far, the implementation of a central hub for this Community will provide fresh news and posts that appear here on this account. You'll be capable of staying up-to-date with any contests or events that take place in the future, ensuring you don't miss any additional opportunities to interact with the Community and earn some prizes while doing so. Going forward, this improves both infrastructure for our Moderators to help make this space incredible, but also allowing the Community itself to directly interact and share thoughts.

Outside of the boring corporate-esque talk, this Discord Server will also mean we can all meet each other and interact. To get to know each other and make some new friends. It's a chance to really create a Community in which people talk, share thoughts, and maybe even start some great friendships. And while interaction should never be forced here on Hive, it should be encouraged with hopes of supporting all account sizes and nationalities.

Here are some core features of the Discord Server:

  • Members will receive live Community updates: events & contests.
  • Members can request features: different types of events & contests (even reward types).
  • Members can share their posts, and others, for Mods to see & nominate for curation.
  • A rather useless bot I spent too much time creating that will display all Crypto prices via CoinGecko API. Also displays random Pepe images.

To breakdown each of the above points:

We aim to provide a hub in which the Community can provide their insight into the present and future workings on the Community account and how it is used to promote the users. Events and contests will go forward, and we'd like to hear feedback on how these are done and what could be improved or preferred.

If the Community has an idea that they believe would highly benefit the Community, we definitely want to hear it. We want to hear all ideas and discuss them to see if there's a future in the implementation of that idea. Naturally, this is pivotal in the growth of the Community due to the varying cultures and preferences that contribute. This is also highly important to us, given our strong interest in experimenting and finding new ways to not just reach new people, but ensure all receive the support they need here on Hive.

As expected with a Discord Server, we shall accept the sharing of posts. These posts can be your own, but also others. Sharing posts directly with us means Moderators can save time hunting for content to curate and nominate for curation via OCD. With the saving of time, Moderators can also prioritise the creation of aforementioned content such as contests and events, in addition to the expected weekly reports set to follow soon.

And here we reach the least important aspect of the Discord Server: the bot. The bot can be used to display any Cryptocurrency listed on CoinGecko and compared against any Cryptocurrency or fiat currency. Meaning you can follow the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hive, and any other investment within the Discord Server.

Lastly, if you'd like to join the Discord Server, while currently in a rather basic form, you can do so simply by clicking this very long hyperlinked sentence for safety reasons. We will not be providing any links to it outside of the body of this post or description of the Community page itself.

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