Dynasty and The American bedtime stories


Hi guys! I enjoy watching Dynasty latest TV series and I am now at Season 3 Episode 19.

The movie keeps you craving for more. The manipulative games of the characters along with the funny moments in between are delightful to watch.

Although American movies can be great, there is something in some of the American movies - I guess it goes with the culture - that put them on a pedestal by diminishing other nations and manipulating the facts so obviously.

Well...this is the case of the last episodes I have seen - Episodes 18 and 19 from Season 3. These two episodes speak about the Republic of Moldavia, a country that is not that well-known globally. It seems that not even the writer of these episodes knows too much about it or maybe I don't get his metaphor.

The movie is indeed fiction and it follows the model of the original Dynasty from 1981, but still, I think it loses some track here.

So the episodes, which are the essence of American modernism, speak about The Kingdom of the Republic of Moldavia. Moldavia is here a regality with grotesque prisons and scary people. And it doesn't stop here. It seems that the main characters are there to steal their oil.

So, first of all, the Republic of Moldavia was under the communist regime at that moment and Moldavia, as it is now, has never had a royal family. Furthermore, Moldavia is a poor country and there is no special field of oil there that anyone would be interested in.

It seems that either the writer of these episodes has nothing to do with the history of Moldavia, or he just wanted to add some glam into the facts.

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