Stalker Must Get Her Man - Review Of Obsessed (2009)


I have a collection of my favourite movies of various genres that I watch again and again every once in a while regardless of critics ratings. One of them is this one hour, forty eight minutes amazing American psychological thriller film written by David Loughery and directed by Steve Shill.

What makes this film a favourite of mine are two things - the star actors and the unmoving decision of one of the main characters to stay true to his commitment which was one of the things some critics lashed on to rate the film low.

The star actors of this thriller are Idris Elba, Beyoncé Knowles and Ali Larter! Tell me, can any movie do better with these trio? Just kidding. Idris and Beyoncé played the protagonist married couple while Ali Larter played the villain role and did it outstandingly.


Though this film is like a remake of Fatal Attraction (1987) but with an interesting racial element of an African-American couple and a white lady playing the third wheel in the relationship.


Idris Elba plays the role of a company top executive staff, Derek Charles, who is happily married to Sharon Charles played by Beyoncé Knowles with a beautiful baby boy. After moving into a new apartment and on his way to his office, Derek had the misfortune of running into Lisa (played by Ali Larter) in an elevator. It turns out she's a newly hired temp staff for his company.


Lisa flirted and aggressively pursued Derek when she discovered he's a top executive staff. Derek turned her down repeatedly and did not fall for any of her flirtation. Lisa did not handle the rejections well and things quickly spiralled out of control from that point onwards.

You may watch the film trailer on YouTube.


An attractive point for this film is the strong acting by the main characters. They delivered effectively on their roles, especially Beyoncé as the broken hearted and angry wife and Ali Larter as the flirty and disturbed temp/stalker.

Though Idris Elba's part as a good looking married man who stands firm in his marriage commitment and stays faithful to his wife despite the irresistible temptation was viewed by some as unrealistic. This may be true but I believe there are spouses who have turned down opportunities to be unfaithful.

Some critics are of the view that the film is lacking in the sense of Lisa's reaction to Derek's rejection because she did not have any sexual relations with him. However, I believe the reaction is fitting for a deranged stalker who is bent on getting a man for herself. Ali Larter did a great job of bringing her character to life.

A particularly gripping scene for me in the film was the fight scene between Sharon and Lisa. It was enjoyable and action-packed. I understand the scene took like about a week to film and put together.

Overall, this film is entertaining, gripping and portrays that beyond STDs that a cheating spouse may bring home to the family, a crazy, obsessed stalker is another danger to watch out for.

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