Raised by Wolves / TV SERIES REVIEW ( SCI-FI )

My opinion about Raised by Wolves, after watching the first five episodes of this fabulous science fiction series.

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What is the plot of Raised by Wolves?

The earth was devastated after a war between the believers of the dominant religion, against the atheists. A spaceship arrives on a planet, two androids come out of it, they are called Father and Mother. Their mission is to create a civilization; they have human embryos. The mother has been programmed by her creator to raise and protect children. This planet has proofs that life existed before; there are fossils of creatures. The child called Campion is the strongest and manages to survive, but a danger is approaching; the Ark, a great ship carrying the last humans is going around the planet, coinciding with the development of powers of the female android, because the mother is actually a necromancer, a powerful weapon of war.


little pig, little pig, let me in ! Mother

When I saw the trailer and knew that behind this series is Ridley Scott, my expectations were high. Fortunately, the series has fulfilled what it promised, for me, it is one of the best science fiction series of this year.

There are many elements in this story that make it very attractive, it is a high concept of science fiction.

The war between the followers of a religion who worship the sun and the group of humans who are atheists, is a reference to what the extreme polarization of the world can lead to. Because of this battle between two sides, the earth is destroyed, the few survivors, believers of the religion, escape in a space ark, to find another habitable planet.

Father and mother androids, programmed by their atheistic creator, will raise some children and educate them to be atheists, because religion caused the destruction. Can this new civilization be created? Will all these children be atheists? Here the human aspect comes into play, although the mother educates them with certain ideas, every person is different and has his own thoughts. Will they make the same mistakes again? Are humans condemned to repeat the destructive cycle?

Another dilemma arises when the mother discovers all that she can do; also we shall discover that she is a necromancer, that she was the creator, or rather, the person who reprogrammed her. The mother is a powerful weapon of mass destruction, which was modified to have maternal instinct, to protect children and to raise a new civilization. Her mission is primordial; she is going to protect Campion, even though she has to do horrible things. Also, the danger of losing control is ever latent; she is a necromancer.

It's no secret that I have a weakness for female androids, they are my weakness in science fiction stories. The character of Mother is already one of my favorites. She is a very well-constructed character. Something very unique will happen to her, when she finds out who her creator was, even though she's an android and programmed to be an atheist, she'll start to feel a kind of veneration for her creator, similar to that of religious believers.

The dark tone of the series catches the viewer, it is science fiction for adults, the setting of that strange planet, with traces of ancient creatures, which seem to begin to emerge from the depths of the planet. The color palette helps to create that unsettling atmosphere in each episode.

The title of the series has several readings in the different plots, the main one being that the children, specifically Campion, have been raised by a necromancer android, she being the wolf. But the characters of Marcus and Sue, could also be the wolves, raising their son, something that we will understand when we discover who they really are (in the second episode). But there is a third plot that could be the real reason for the title, there is a mystery surrounding Vita's death. Is she really dead? Or was she raised by those creatures? Who is really the wolf?*


The creator of the series is Aaron Guzikowski, who writes most of the episodes. He is the scriptwriter of the excellent film Prisoners, directed by Denis Villeneuve. Another good reason to let ourselves be seduced by the story, it has an excellent scriptwriter behind it.

One of the producers of the series and who directs the first two episodes is Ridley Scott. Every film buff knows who Scott is and has followed his career. Although he has some irregular films in his career, he is a master of cinema. His name was the main hook of the series. Also, as usual, his son Luke Scott directs other episodes of the series, showing that the son of a cat, catches mice.

In the cast, the best known face is the actor Travis Fimmel, famous for having played Ragnar in the successful series Vikings, a character that will be difficult to get rid of, most opinions about him say that he always acts like Ragnar. But it is difficult to see him and not think about Ragnar, he was an iconic character. He will have to make an extreme change of register for future projects. In "Bred by the Wolves" he plays Marco, a captain on the religious side, who will have a first encounter with Mother. But he is not really the person his environment thinks he is.

The other members of the cast are not very well known actors, perhaps this plays in favor of the series, making the characters more credible, besides the excellent acting work of all. The actor Abubakar Salim plays the android Father, who is programmed to do the useful tasks and support the Mother in raising the children, is a domestic android. The actor has also provided the voice for a character in the Killer's Creed 2017: The Origins Video Game.

Irish actress Niamh Algar plays Sue, Marcus' partner, a doctor and soldier who is also not who everyone thinks she is. Her character is evolving, generating a motherly love that she didn't think she could feel. Her character is secondary, but she is a great actress. I recommend that you see her in the miniseries Las Virtudes, where she gives an extraordinary performance, and the miniseries is a marvel.


Amanda Collins the great revelation!

Those in charge of selecting the actors deserve a round of applause for having chosen this actress for the role of Mother. Amanda Collins has taken over the series, this would not be the same without her. Amanda Collins is raised by Lobos. It's impossible not to be hypnotized by the magnetism that emanates from her character, making credible a character full of fantasy, an android with many nuances. Collins is a Danish actress, who has participated in several films and series, among the most important is the Danish film A Horrible Woman of 2017. She also worked in the films about Department Q. Now, the science fiction series has put her on the radar of critics and viewers, even those who criticize the series have recognized Amanda Collins as the best in Raised by Wolves.

Sorry Dolores, I'll be unfaithful with Mother. Hahaha

If you like science fiction in the classic style, with androids, with a story that takes its time to explain what's going on and learn about a new mythology that can give many subjects to be exploited, you have to go and see it now!

My Ranking: 4.2/5





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