Movie Review Week Session | Bridget Jones Diary .. Absolutely amazing !!

Good day to everyone out there !

I don't do much 🎬 reviews because I don't spend enough time watching it and even if I do, I don't bother to write any reviews about it. I'm more of a food review person. Yet, for this time around, I'd thought it'll be nice to share my view of a movie which I used to enjoy and had recently watched it again on HBO. After all when in 21-days quarantine, if it's not my πŸ“± or πŸ’» or ⌚️, it'll be the πŸ“Ί that I'm staring at. So, while browsing through the tv channels, I came across this movie..


If you haven't watched this movie, then you should stream for it NOW!

Directed in 2001 by Sharon Maguire & written by Richard Curtis, Andrew Davies & Helen Feilding, this romantic movie stars RenΓ©e Zellweger as Bridget Jones, a 32-year-old English single woman, who writes a diary focusing on things she wishes to happen in her life. Strangely, her life changes when two men craze for her affection, portrayed by Colin Firth and Hugh Grant.

For some reason, this movie hit major box office receipts and hitting over $280 million worldwide on a 25 million budget. Due to it's success, 2 other successful sequels were released; Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (2004) and Bridget Jones's Baby (2016). And both were a bigger and greater success than the first one.


In the golden days, an English lady that is not married, slightly overweight and uncultured are considered undesirable. Sadly, the English customary of a proper lady is still very strong even in the city of London. As Bridget tries hard to deal with the demands of her parents relationship & the expectations of society, love comes knocking on her door through her handsome yet playboy boss, Daniel Cleaver & childhood acquaintance, Mark Darcy who's now a barrister.

Comedic scenes occur between these 3 main characters supported by Bridget's parents & close party friends of which Daniel & Mark behave intolerably bad for her affection. As the saying goes, Women plays with the naughty boys but marries the good ones.

Of course, there are scenes of sadness & sorrow when Bridget's parents got separated over a case of infidelity on the part of her mom but in the end, her parents got back together because that's how romantic stories are supposed to end.

Who get's the girl in the end ?

For that, you'll have to watch all 3 movies to find out the conclusion.

It's a perfect weekend comedy movie to watch with family but not alone, of course. Life is such that we should enjoy whatever that is in front of us, no matter the cost. Spinster or not, life is full of unexpected opportunities for us..including love 😍 And if a lady like Bridget Jones can have 2 amazing men going after her, so can you !

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