Finale of Stranger Things Season Four (Spoilers ahead) Honest Review

Every Ending has a New beginning we didn't took this line too seriously and After watching The finale of Stranger thing's Season 4 it completely blown my mind with it's ending and complete storyline.


Stranger things is one of my most favorite series ever watched and also it is world famous. If you've never heard about this series or watched it yet than YOU'RE MISSING A LOT in this life.

So Let's have a Quick review on the finale of stranger things season 4.

The finale of Stranger thing's Season 04

This season was released in Two volumes, one was back in June and Volume 2 was released two day's back on 1 July

And only last 2 Episodes of this season was on aired in volume 2. After the release of New volume it made Netflix Crash Imagine the Hype.

Chapter Eight - PAPA

Chapter Eight begins with the scene When El, opened Gate to Upside down in Hawkins laboratory and in the next scene Vecna was telling Nancy about his side of story so vecna let her escape and told her to tell El what's about to Happen in Hawkin (The whole plan of vecna).

Russia was cooking something else (too dangerous) connected to hawkin upside down and hooper or his gang was planning to escape from the cell. El Got her powers Back we all knew that since last episode of volume 1.

In short moving towards My Favorite Scenes from Episode eight.

1. When Will Got emotional talking to Mike


When We all were thinking "Will" Is Gay but than this scene changed the whole perspective.

As far as i Observed he's just a Normal Kid Gone through a lot and he's lonely guy who has friends that always are worrying about someone else and never noticing him. He only has his brother, that he was losing contact with also (Notice this when will and his brother hug each other & he cries).

Or also maybe will was traumatized coz of his hairstyle, he really need to find a better barber shop.

2. Doc Brenner Showing His Dark side

I Thought he's HERO but turned out he's still playing his dirty Games when he locked El and later died Like exactly he deserved and when El vs Army happened it was my favorite scene too.

Also that Scene when Steve finally accepted he's Mom & Future planing with Nancy.

Chapter Nine - The Piggy Back

The Last final Episode Where the Real fun Begins. Where legend cried seeing deaths of their favorite characters and With it's Ending.

My favorite scenes from Last episode of Stranger things four are

The moment When Jonathan realised he has a brother.


This scene when Max was Agreed to go for a Movie day with lucas and we didn't knew what's coming ahead.
3. Eddie The Banished

Favorite character of mine from season 4 Who literally owns this Show.

And the most awaited moment of mine was seeing him with that Guitar in Up side down



The moment When he said "This is for you Chrissy" and banging with that Guitar in the upside down literally The best concert in cinemas history.



His death scene literally made me cried, he didn't deserves to die and it was most heart breaking moment of the series.

Sacrificing his own life so Steve and other can have more time breaks everyone into tears.

Although he fought to protect a town that hated him most. It hurts more than breakup.


This scene was more heartbreaking to be honest.
4. Eleven Vs Vecna/One/Henry
The entry of El when Vecna Slash one Slash Henry was going to kill max is


Way Better than endgame, When captain Hold mjollnir to fight with thanos <<< El Entry to fight against Veccna (Change my mind).



This whole moment was so intense and Plays Kate Bishop (Running up that Hill) in background sets this scene and Vecna on fire.

Though Nothing changed in these past years see Nancy (MOMMY) Still badass wheeler with her shotgun.
The Person I Hated most in Stranger things 4


The most hated person on this world (Right now) is this guy. Literally this dude deserves to get all hate even more than Veccna.

5. Max Return From The Death
The moment when vecna breaks her legs, arm and Made her blinded she was dead and all the 4 Gates were opened.
Later El Saved her still wondering what was that but this scene



Where we all cried, she's in coma now and we'll see what's going to happen with her in next season.

The Ending of the new beginning

Vecna was doing mind Flayer work to break into this world and he's not dead so it didn't end there. Ending was still perfect coz I'll tell the reason.

It was not a happy ending but perfect storyline No rush at all and we will see the best ending in the last season of this amazing series.

Now everyone is united and back in Hawkins, El and hooper, Joyce or her child back in Hawkins including all other

And the villain they're going to face in Final chapter is Going to be the Boss "Mind Flayer".


Duffer brothers didn't wanted to end stranger things in Rush like Game of thrones finale so they're doing what is best for show

So one last time we'll see strangers in 5th season which will definitely gonna take probably 2 years to mainstream.

Till then we Gotta wait patiently. That's my Whole experience and Review of Stranger things Four Finale

So must drop your best moment from the series and what you guys think about its ending or what's coming ahead.


This is for entertainment purpose and Images used is from Stranger Things A NETFLIX Series, Lead image edited using Pic's Art. Review Based on My experiences - 04/07/22.

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