"Orphan First Kill" - To The Point - Movie Review

The idea for this movie is based on an odd, real life event. But don't get excited. They took what was an original idea and made a very weak movie.
Everything that happens is dumb. People are dumb. Reasons are dumb. Acting is poor.

So dumb, in fact, that i stopped watching it 15 minutes in, and looked for something else to watch.

Laziness got the best of me and i continued watching. And the movie did come to a point where it managed to grab my attention. Cudos! for not turning out to be the movie i thought it was going to be.

Unfortunately, even with the dumb plot twist - ever heard of that?! A plot twist that didn't make the movie better? They managed it!

Even with the plot twist the movie just barely held the very minimal of my attention, as i just wanted to see it through.

In conclusion, it's one of those movies where as soon as the credits appear you immediately close the tab, and think nothing of it.


Rated: "Not worthy of a rating".

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