Review + Spoilers: Darlings



Last night, my boyfriend asked me to watch this movie together with him in Netflix. When i saw that its Alia Bhatt as the main character, i know that i should not miss it no matter what. I love Alia Bhatt, i love her face but i love her act too. Before watching this movie, i didnt look up at the synopsis at all. So, just looking at the title, one will think that this is gonna be a romantic comedy movie. I dont know what is this movie categorized as, but if i can be the one that choose them i will choose it to be thriller-slices of life. Have we ever seen any movie in that category of genre? I dont know but i think its the genre category that suit this movie a lot.

In the opening scene, we will see such a lovey dovey couple that makes me thing, Ah, its really a romantic comedy movie. To be honest, i lost interest in the beginning. Then the scene jumped to the 3 years after marriage while the husband started to abusing his wife because he’s such an alcoholic. The story goes on with the husband keep physically abusing his wife in the night time, he will ask for forgiveness in the morning and the wife forgave him once again, again and again. Its just a never ending circle. The guy kept asking for forgiveness, promise to change, promise to make the wife happy, but its all nothing but an empty promises yet the wife fall for it again and again.

The plot of the movie is something we see often in our daily life. We see this kind of situation happened to our relatives, to our friends, to our neighbor, to the strangers on internet, the list goes on and on. The abuse can be physically and can be mentally. There’s so many way of abusers to break down their victim. Thus the end of the result that they took in this movie was a bit extreme, this is what must be running in the mind of the victim of abuse and their loved one. I think that this movie is really nice to portray what we really want to do to the abusers but we cant do because we were bound by law and society.

Please watch this movie if you havent. This is such a heart wrenching yet heart warming movie that leaves you with indescribable feeling after the movie finished.

My rating :
5 ⭐️ out of 5 ⭐️

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