2 Minutes of Fame Review ~ A Comic Movie

For some days now, I have been watching this movie because of the educational impact it carries even though it is more like a comedy, if you watch it you will realize that it revolves around what we humans should do. It also revolves around the family setting.

2 minutes of fame was released on June 16, 2020, and it was directed by Leslie Small.

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This movie talks about a guy by name Deandre (Jay Pharoah) whose love for comedy and cracking up people with his jokes drives him into the entertainment world after one of his videos of him criticizing Marques Black (Katt Williams) goes viral and also helped him get more followers.

Marques Black (Katt Williams) is a big fish in the comedy entertainment industry and for some reason, Deandre feels Marques is no longer giving his viewers quality content but he is after the check he gets it even came to the point where Marques is being dressed up as a crow shucking and Jiring not for the love of the entertainment but for the love of the money he gets.


Deandre was an attendant in a supermarket but was dismissed by the manager because of his love for entertaining customers instead of attending to their needs when they come to the store to get something. Tried so many times to get a new job but failed woefully.


His girlfriend Sky (Keke Williams) and the mother of his son Jaylin (Jonny Berryman) who is a nurse pleads for him to be a stand-up guy and help raise their young son together and also support the family financially by taking up a job all fails as Deandre is set up on making fame in his area of specialization.

Sky is a nurse and the mother of his child who doesn't believe in Deandre's dreams and because of his inability to take care of his family, she finds it hard to have faith in Deandre's dreams even though Deandre has severally begged her to believe in him.


Deandre has been in comedy for quite some time and has also done stand up before but the pay was not enough to pay his rent or even buy a piano for his son and because his son (Jaylin) was the only one without a piano in his class, his classmates called him all sort of names and even insult his father.

Although he could not get a piano for his son because of his love for his family, he woke up every night while others were sleeping to cave out a piano for his son to use in practicing at home till he can buy an original piano for him.


Good enough, his best friend Eddie (Ron Reaco Lee) gets him a ticket into a comedy showcase in Los Angeles which involves him living behind Sky and Jaylin. Sky tries to make him change his mind but he reluctantly left with the hope of coming back a winner.

He lives for Los Angeles with his friend Eddie who did not realize that Deandre did not purchase a hotel reservation for them until they got there. They both decided to sleep in their rental car since they had no place to sleep. Eddie so much believes in Deandre's dream and he is the only one who believes Deandre will make it.


During their stay in Los Angeles, Deandre tries to reach out to Sky but she wouldn't talk to him which makes him frustrated and leads him into met Taylor (Andy Allo) who is a comic writer, host, and actor. Taylor became friends with both men, develops feelings for Deandre, gets his phone from him and changes his Facebook display picture profile of himself to her picture without his knowledge, and decides to invite him over to her place to get him on her bed. Eddie knows Taylor's plan and tries to talk his friend out from going to see her alone but he refuses with the answer that "Taylor understands him better and even believes in his dream than Sky does".


At the end of the day, Eddie was able to save his friend from the love shackle of Taylor which helped him not to get involved with Taylor intimately.

Deandre meets with Marques Black and they talked about the difference between doing comics for money and doing it for passion. Although Marques doesn't like Deandre's vibes but he saw the drive-in Deandre and wished him the best in the comic showcase telling him to be himself if he wants to win.


One of the days, Jaylin gets into a fight with his classmate for making fun of him because he doesn't have a piano and calling his father all sorts of names. The school management calls the attention of his mother to the office and asked him to apologize to the boy which he refused even when his mother asked him to do the same, he refused saying his mother doesn't believe in him just the same way she doesn't believe in his father and would accept him apologizing to a boy who called his father names just because he couldn't provide for them financially.


Then, she realizes that what her son said was true, although she was only able to think well after finding out that Deandre was using a lady picture on his Facebook profile page.

She takes a flight down to Los Angeles to see him, they talked together and settled their differences at the end of the comic showcase, Macquese Black manager sabotage the whole system, and Deandre was disqualified for no just cause leaving Deandre frustrated but Macquese was there on time to solve the whole situation leaving Deandre the winner of the comic show among five people.


Deandre became Marques's successor at the end of the day and was not only able to fulfill his dream of being a comedian but was able to buy his son an original piano as he promised him.


Lesson learn

  • Never give up on your dream or passion no matter what you are faced with. Even if nobody does, you must do.

  • As a spouse, it is important to know that once you accept to be his or her partner, you are ready to believe in their dream and work with them to achieve it.

This movie is a must watch for everyone.

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