Judas and the Black Messiah (7/10) - "When I dedicated my life to the people, I dedicated my life."



This was easily the most important movie released these past few weeks. An HBO production that follows the life of FBI informant William O'Neal who infiltrated a radical organization named as the Black Panther Party. This organization was a black supremacist group, with extreme radical left ideas and the tendency to commit violent acts.

They saw themselves as revolutionaries and through the use of populistic speeches, they were able to increase their popularity and gain support from the black people. Their behavior was similar to how drug gangs behave, they always carried guns, were always happy to engage in violent acts, and sometimes they even tortured people to death.

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The 2 main characters in the story, the aforementioned O'Neal, and the leader of the black panther party, Fred Hampton, were played by the same actors from the excellent movie called Get Out. Both of them always give great performances in their roles and this film wasn't the exception.

The main FBI agent, and the one who forces O'Neal to become an informant, is played by the also popular actor Jesse Plemons. In the movie, we will see how O'Neal manages to pass information while also maintaining a proper attitude with his black panthers' colleagues in order to prevent any suspicions pointing towards him. It was clear he didn't really want to pass any information, but his circumstances were complicated enough that passing info was the least bad choice for him.

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The film also shows how ruthless the police can be when dealing with what they consider to be a threat. It is made clear that the police/government are willing to break the law as long as they get what they want. This is why the political solutions that groups such as the black panthers supported to solve society's issues don't work. They wanted to get rid of capitalism and adopt socialism and therefore give even more power to the government. This will never work. Government institutions will always corrupt themselves, and the more powerful they are, the worse for the citizens. In socialism, the government is much more powerful and all-controlling than in capitalism.

If you are interested in a high-quality drama based on real-life facts this could be a good choice to watch. Have in mind this is a political drama, so you will see a few silly speeches with generic phrases and people yelling political messages as if they were religious people going through a trance. For me, it was an entertaining film and I think most people would probably say the same. Unless they are annoyed by political fanatics.

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The best

  • Great performance from the cast.
  • High-quality production all around.

The worst

  • I got bored watching a lengthy speech from Fred Hampton.
  • I think the creators of the film wanted to whitewash the terrorist organization known as Black Panthers Party. Especially with the messages they included at the end.

More information: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9784798/
Review: AAA
In numbers: 7/10