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365 Days - This Day

After 50 Shades of Gray, I could hardly find
another similar film. Before you start with the criticism,
yes these are erotic movies, but everyone has a right to an opinion.
This type of movie or to be more precise 50 shades and 365 days are not
just "hot" movies. They are a sign of romance and true love.
What the characters go through, what they are ready to do for each other,
for love, few people can praise this. I give an example
with A Walk to Remember, the same principle, just another genre. We have a love that is unforgettable,
and real, for which we are ready for anything. Of course, these things are two-sided,
and in this type of movie they are, unlike most things in real life. Personally for me,
the first movie 365 days, was better, I'm just starting to read the books,
to give a comparison between the two arts. If you haven't seen the first movie, I recommend it
to you. It's pretty fast, some of the scenes are hot, but if you look closely,
you can notice how the chemistry feels not only of the characters but also of the cast.
Most of the songs in the first film are from Michel Morone's debut album - Dark Room,
which adds even more tension to the film. But this article is not for him, but for
the continuation of the series. 365 Days - Next day, with its premiere on Netflix,
was not famous for an interesting plot, the fan base of the series fell quite significantly and
there is a reason.

A wonderful book made to a movie

The lack of imagination of the film crew
is quite tangible. The first 20-30 minutes resemble a video of a music mix - running on the beach, undressed scenes
etcetera. The thrill of the first film, of romance and love, is not felt. If a change in the film is considered,
there must be at least some emphasis on reality. What the mob families are going through. This is not
to drop. Some of their stories can serve as a muse in the making of such a film.
How women struggle to protect their friendships or families, which most of them have become, from fear of being hurt,
from the mafia family. One wrong step or word can cost their family their lives.
In these 20-30 minutes you do not feel its depth, Laura's feelings, and what she is going through, are slightly hinted at
with the few dialogues she has. What is the story, what is she going through, why is Massimo behaving this way - all this is missing.
Instead, the emphasis is entirely on hot scenes. Even after the advent of the "gardener", these things are missing.
Many people would say this is a movie, you can't add all that stuff in its time range.
You are wrong here. One slap, one tear, would be more meaningful than the lack of dialogue, replaced by just a musical
recital. The feeling of love itself is not just a quick hot scene, but how two partners deliver each other
pleasure and love. The other scenes from the film also develop quite quickly. Laura wants to have her fashion store,
but even that doesn't develop in the film. From what I've heard about the books, if you're a fan of the series, you'll notice
the big differences that follow after this 30-minute "music video". The real story is how Laura is kidnapped again
and understands that she has Stockholm Syndrome. Instead, this psychology used in the series is being replaced by the increasingly general mafia
"hot babe". Anyone who kidnaps her gives herself to him - the lack of any meaning in the film. But even this one can not be replaced by just meaningless final scenes. Finding Laura without even looking. Both of her
loved ones have telepathically discovered where she is. I will not fall out,
in full detail so as not to spoil the film to many of the fans and I apologize for the long philosophical analysis of the film.
An analysis that may make as much sense as the film itself probably. However, everyone has the right to an opinion after all.

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