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Hello, Movie and TV Shows fans! I hope you're all doing well. I just finished seeing the movie THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER. This movie surprised me by making my heart race. Guess what? As soon as I began watching it, I was genuinely fascinated. Here is my review of the movie.

📽Introduction to the Movie📽

In 2022, this motion picture came out. You may quickly and for free download THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER from a few places. I'd really like to recommend this movie. It's an extremely hot film. You'll love it.


Gorr the last of his kind, spends his days in a desolate desert with his daughter, struggling to survive. Although he prays to his god Rapu for assistance, his daughter soon dies from starvation. Gorr comes across an oasis where he meets Rapu, who has just killed the most recent user of an antiquated weapon known as All-Black the Necrosword, just as he starts to hear a voice calling out to him in the distance. Gorr's powerlessness is mocked by Rapu, who also declines to offer any assistance. Gorr beheads him and declares the abolition of all gods after feeling deceived by him.

Thor begins his journey with the Guardians of the Galaxy, answering distress signals from all over the Universe while improving on his physical fitness [he was really out of shape😅]. Thor, though, is still unhappy with his situation and plans to retire. There is an increase in calls for help from people looking for Gorr, including one from Sif, who had been looking for him. After leaving the Guardians to reply to the others, Thor and Korg answer Sif's call. Sif, who has had her arm severed and is defeated, appears to them and informs them that Gorr will attack New Asgard next.

Meanwhile, Dr. Jane Foster undergoes treatment for stage IV cancer. Efforts to research for a cure prove futile and she begins to lose hope, but Foster becomes inspired to travel to New Asgard in hopes that their magic can help eliminate the cancer. As Thor has unknowingly enchanted it to protect Foster while they were together, Mjølnir becomes drawn to her presence, fusing itself back together and imbuing her with the powers of the Mighty Thor.

That evening, Gorr attacks New Asgard with shadow monsters with the Necrosword. King Valkyrie and Foster also showup there to confront them, which surprises Thor, along with Thor, Korg, and Sif. Despite being able to fend off the monsters, Gorr makes off with the children of Asgard, including Axl, Heimdall's son. Thor talks to Axl, and they conclude that the kids are in the Shadow Realm. Thor, Foster, Valkyrie, and Korg go to Omnipotence City to alert Zeus of Gorr and request an army to aid fight him because they know Gorr's strength will be at its greatest there.

Unconvinced that Gorr is a threat to Omnipotence City, Zeus instead has Thor captured, forcing the others to intervene and fend off Zeus' men. In the scuffle, Zeus uses his Thunderbolt to destroy Korg's body; only his face remains intact (although this is enough for him to survive). Enraged, Thor uses the Thunderbolt to impale Zeus in the chest, which Valkyrie steals as the group escapes to confront Gorr in the Shadow Realm. On the way, Thor learns of Foster's cancer diagnosis, and the two rekindle their relationship.

When they arrive, they attempt to locate the children, only to discover that they have been deceived. Gorr intended to take Stormbreaker in order to utilize the Bifrost Bridge to access Eternity, where he could wish for the extinction of the gods. They battle Gorr and his shadow monsters once more, but are forced to flee back to New Asgard once Valkyrie and Foster are weakened. Before Stormbreaker can be transported across the Bifrost, Gorr steals it. Thor is informed that the effects of Mjölnir are aggravating Foster's cancer, and he urges her to stay behind to recover. The Valkyrie is also unable to continue fighting, leaving the Thunderbolt in Thor's possession so that he can fight Gorr again.

At the center of the universe, Gorr begins opening Eternity's gate with Stormbreaker. Thor arrives using Thunderbolt and imbues the children with the power of Thor, giving them enough strength to overcome the remaining shadow monsters. Gorr gains the upper hand against Thor. Having sensed his distress, Foster decides to wield Mjölnir again despite her weakened condition and joins the fight by using Valkyrie's winged horse. Thor gives Foster ample time to use Mjölnir to shatter the Necrosword into pieces, dooming herself and Gorr. Thor recovers Stormbreaker and has the children use it to return home, but they could not stop Gorr from entering Eternity.

Thor calls out to Gorr and pleads for him to choose love over death as he rushes to Foster's side. Their love reminded him of the love he had for his daughter, so he decided to use his wish to resurrect her. Foster soon succumbs to the cancer, vanishing into Valhalla. Thor accepts Gorr's request to take custody of his daughter before he dies from the Necrosword's curse.

In the aftermath, a statue of Foster as the Mighty Thor was erected in New Asgard. Sif and Valkyrie begin training the children in combat, while Korg's body fully regenerates as he seeks to produce an offspring. Thor starts to raise Gorr's daughter as his own, entrusting her with Stormbreaker while he wields Mjölnir into battle. The two begin traveling the galaxy, offering assistance to whomever needs it, becoming known as Love and Thunder. In the meantime, Zeus begins to recover from his injuries as he sends out his son Hercules to kill Thor.

📽My Opinion About the Movie📽

If you enjoy fantasy, action, and other genres, this film is truly fantastic for you. This film is intended for you.

About Mjolnir of Thor: I don't particularly like the concept of most people using God's weapon.

Thank you for reading and see you next time.

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