Anime for the uninitiated. Help me out.

I had a jolt of inspiration reading about the film Paprika (2006) from @notacinephile.

My anime knowledge is very low. I've seen several of the big hitters like Akira and Ghost in the Shell, I'm sure I've seen more I simply can't remember.

My limited knowledge of the genre seems to encompass futuristic, dystopian viewpoints that resemble Blade Runner in animation form. While I love this setting there must be more than this and I know there is. I'm sure I'm not the only one who equates talking anthropomorphic animals with the genre.

What would you recommend that would be a good introduction or refresher to the genre? I know the genre is vast, I'm not sure where to look.

I'm paging through my movie database with the tag animation and I'm seeing I have several films I didn't even know I owned. Perhaps I should start there?

Perfect Blue
Spirited Away
Grave of the Fireflies

I'm finally posting in the movie and tv shows community. I'm a little slow but I'll make it there eventually :)

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