Gemini Man Review: Wicked CGI and thats's about it

I started this movie with a bit of expectation because it was an action movie that had Will Smith. I had also heard a couple of people talking about it but none of them was an actual review.


The movie featured the overused storyline in Hollywood where a contract killer for the government becomes a loose end. In this case, Will Smith was the assassin but this one had a bit of a twist because his clone was sent to kill him.

According to the storyline, WIll was a retired soldier that ran some black ops missions for a government agency. However, in one of his missions, he was given false information that led him to kill an innocent person.

This assassination set the ball rolling, as things spiralled out of control, culminating in a confuckulated situation. However, prior to the assassination, he was already battling with his demons and wanted to quit the job.

Well, you know how these things go because well, Hollywood has told us that you can't just quit being an assassin without some troublefinding you. That sort of sucks for anyone interested in going down that path but at least you get to learn cool stunts, kung fu and all that cool stuff that WIll SMith could do in his 50s.

I think this movie was just a big flex on the CGI ability of the producer because that digital representation was pretty badass. In this plot, Project Gemini created a clone of Will Smith and sent him to kill the original will Smith.

At a Paramount Event, Will smith divulged that;

"It's not de-aging...The young character is not me. That is a 100 percent digitally created character. They didn't take my image and stretch some of the lines. It's a completely CGI character the same way The Lion King is CGI. They're using my performance to create the CGI elements. The skin is CGI. That's not my skin."

I'm not going to lie, that was really impressive CGI but the storyline was pretty basic. There were so many plotholes and cringe scenes, it felt like they were more focused on the technology and not the story.

Overall, it is still a watchable movie because of the cool fight scenes. There's nothing else to take out of the movie because everything else was predictable and basic.

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