House Of 1000 Corpses - a horror movie review

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Today I want to share with you a personal review of an horror movie produced by Rob Zombie (yeah the same Rob Zombie that does also Heavy Metal and that is crazy as f**k).


Texas 1977, Halloween Eve. Two young couples, Bill, Jerry and their girlfriends Mary and Denise travel to the remote American province in search of bizarre stories and local myths to use in a book they are writing and which will tell about their experiences.During a short stop they meet Captain Spaulding and his "Museum of Monsters and Madmen": a petrol station with an adjoining museum of horrors where the deeds of some serial killers are told.





They take a short trip to the "Tunnel of the Assassins", a tunnel in which Captain Spaulding illustrates the abominable acts of many assassins. One of the protagonists is particularly interested in the story of Doctor Satan, a mad scientist who in the past engaged in bizarre and horrifying surgical practices in the hope of creating a race of supermen. Spaulding then directs the boys to the tree where Doctor Satan was hanged.



Since I don't want to spoiler you anything else, I stop here, so you will be more tempted to go and see it.

Why you should watch it

This is an atypical horror movie, since in the first part it tries to fool you into believing that this is a poor comedy. When the 4 friends arrive at the gas station, the owner seems particularly he seems particularly annoyed, almost as if he doesn't want to talk to them, and they try in every way to send them away. But they, very intrigued by the story of Doctor Satan, insist on visiting the museum. For no apparent reason, there is a shift in dynamics, and Captain Spaulding suddenly becomes friendly towards them. There is even a point where he pretends (?) to be a psychopath by terrorizing one of the protagonists, only to laugh immediately afterwards and tell him it was a joke.



In reality there is a detail at the beginning of the film that can in a certain sense reveal the true nature of some of the "bad guys", in fact the latter during a robbery attempt against them, do not show any kind of fear and on the contrary, they try to intimidate the robber to the point of being "forced" to kill him. Immediately afterwards, they even burst out laughing, partially showing their true nature.

The film is very visual, as are the other Rob Zombie films. His intent as a director is more to bring out the images than the plot of the film itself.

He doesn't spare himself as for Gore, there are very raw scenes but without getting to splatter. Its intent is not to provoke disgust, but only to upset the viewer. The most violent parts are even omitted to give more space to the viewer's imagination and creativity.



The film is a crescendo of madness, there is a continuous climax that leads from the first part where it looks like a bad comedy (as mentioned before) to the final part where there is a triumph of madness and a meaning is given to the title of the film 😅.

Perhaps the main reason I liked this film is that it represents a real life experience, with nothing paranormal about it. The events that are experienced by the protagonists are plausible, they do not give that feeling of security that we usually have when watching other horror films, where the first reassuring thought we use as a placebo to calm us down is: "This could never happen in real life". Imagine finding yourself in a museum with a kind of Clown, who is playing his part, that of a madman ... you would never think that he could really be, you would think that he is simply doing his job and this thought to you would reassure. It would be impossible to deduce it if you think about it. How would you react if the clown in question was not actually acting?


My personal vote, comparing it with other horror movies (and so not in a scale that takes into account also other movie generes), is:


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