I never thought that working out will be super fun and classy.

Have you ever had a scenario in your life that you felt like you'll die in that instance and all you think was that you're not yet ready to die? I had that scenario last year. Where I pause for a bit and then I keep on praying and utter those words "Lord, please not now.. What will happen to my daughter if I'll die? ". I was holding my chest area and was slowly breathing. I experienced chest pain that lasted more than 5 minutes. I have never been scared like that and it made me realized something. That I should take good care of my health. That's when I decided to cut down my meals and began exercising at home.

When the pandemic started last year, with the granular lockdown, I along with my sisters, were always food tripping (hello samgyupsal and ramen). I then started gaining weight and I can already notice the changes when I can't barely wear my pants anymore. So I began exercising late last year just doing some exercise routine at home.

Look at those bulging fat on my neck and side. I even hid some of them with stickers. It was really hard and you can't even be consistent about it because there were a lot of distractions at home. I have a super active daughter who keeps on disturbing me whenever I am doing this at home. That's why late last year, I have decided to take fitness seriously. I have enrolled a 1month membership at Gold's Gym last November 2020.

I am just so thankful that I've got my coffee buddy who became my gym buddy. She was actually the one who convinced me to enroll on her gym. And it's all worth it!


Then I stopped early this year and went back to gym last May. I am consistently working out since then. I enjoyed attending our pophits class where I can dance my heart out.

IMG_20210518_194705 (1).jpg

IMG_20210518_194609 (1).jpg


This was early May when I decided to go back to the gym. And then, I got my heart broken last June. The four long years of relationship have ended. I needed a diversion and I got so determined to lose more weight and to slowly building some muscles.


That's us lately. I am just so thankful that I am surrounded by great people and loving family. When I got my heart broken, I found a home here in hive. I have found new opportunities and met some beautiful people at Hiitplay's anniversary. I met the beautiful Denise, the owner of hiitplay who is so kind and friendly. During the event, I was actually eyeing to buy some hiitplay activewear pieces and as I've mentioned on my previous post I would love to buy the gym bag as well.

Then one night, as I was about to sleep someone dm'ed (direct message) me on my instagram account. It was and I know it was Den. She told me that she noticed that I was constantly been working out on my ig story and asked me if it was okay for me if she'll send 2 sets of activewear. My sleepy self just jump out of bed with a wide smile and felt so ecstatic that I felt like someone was courting me. I was so happy! This brought me back to those days that I first started blogging where some brands will send me some fashion clothes for blog review. But she's sending it to me because she wanted to support my fitness journey. Look at how amazing she is! Read our convo below.


She's super amazing right? It was even delivered the next day. I was surprised that she included the bag that I almost cried.

Thank you so much Den! God bless your beautiful and kind soul 😊 Belated happy birthday too and I wish you the best in life!


I am still going to buy few more because I'm loving every detail, the cloth and the quality is superb! I am recommending these pieces to those who love working out. This is a no bias review, based on my experience, aside from it's super stylish and classy, it's also super comfortable! And I was even more surprised when I found out that even if I was sweating like hell, it won't show!


The features and materials itself will convince you that it's the perfect activewear. I would love to have every color soon! 🥰


They have Tops, Bottoms and you can buy the sets too.


IMG_20210723_175319 (1).jpg

I am more inspired to go to the gym wearing these adorable activewear.

It is even more inspiring that I can see the results already. After few months of being actively working out.

I am posting this to inspire and to remind everyone that the key to loving yourself is to take care of your body, your mental & emotional being, most especially take care of your beautiful soul! 🥰

Thank you so much for reading my fitness journey and I'll be uploading more updates on my instagram. I hope you can follow me there too @sassy_cebuana !

See you on my next post everyone. Adios! 🥰

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