Profits comes from investment, invest in yourself 🥰


Hello Hivers 🥰,
I have struggled with self esteem in the past but not anymore. From my experiences, I can say that life is governed by a bunch of principles and one of them is that, you reap what ever you sow, this means that the amount of effort you put into anything will reflect on the results you get.
Self development is all about intentionality, it's being aware of your strengths and weaknesses and making them work for you. I know that I'm still learning and unlearning through life's experiences, reading books and also from people's opinions and experiences.
Nothing is as true as the fact that you're responsible for the outcome of your life, maybe not entirely but you have a huge role to play, and the earlier we prepare ourselves for the future, the greater the chance of our future shining bright.

When was the last time you gave yourself what you really needed? I don't mean eating food to stay alive or buying new clothes you like for yourself.
When was the last time you invested in yourself? At this point you are probably confused but let me break it down a little bit.
There are certain things your body needs to function in it's best capacity and to be able to produce maximum results but most times those things are trivalized or neglected.


We have to do more than just eating and purchasing new items that you probably don't need after the next two days.
We need to start really seeing who we truly are and place more worth on our being.
Our bodies need to be healthy and be in good shape and to achieve this we need to eat healthy, maybe eat a little less if you're over weight and a little more if you're under weight.
We need to be intentional with every step that we take, every type of food we choose to inculcate into our diet.



Our minds need to be sound, how do you achieve that? By feeding our minds, Read books, read more books, read alot of books, engage in meaningful conversations about life and growth, do well to surround yourself with positive people, people who are focused on purpose and would give anything to see you climb up that growth ladder.


Of course our body needs clothes but our soul needs covering, be serious about your spirituality, pray everyday, read the word of God because the truth is these are the only option we have to build intimacy with our creator.
Take time daily to reflect on your life and decisions you have taken so far and how these decisions have affected your life.

We only have one life, we cannot afford to waste it by living live in a shallow manner, just existing and not actually living.
We should live life, feel emotions, have experiences that make us better people.

Invest in your self and get rewarded with the quality of live you deserve.

Thank you for reading my post Today, I hope it was worth your time❤️
Content is entirely mine but images were sourced.

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