Project 24: A Different Kind of Bright

I made this video 5 hours before the first of July.

I was in the last hours of being 23, and I had a sudden reflection of how the previous months went. It was still summer break, and I could fully maximize every second of the time being one with nature. My skin has darkened, my wallet empty, but my heart is whole.

I wrote myself some musings, found some clips of my summer adventure, and edited. When midnight came, and I was officially 24, I listened to Lorde’s “Solar Power” single and uploaded this video to my Facebook.

Right now, it’s 5:07 PM. I’m sitting on my office chair, listening to Lorde’s “Solar Power” album, when I bumped into this video in one of the folders. I was stunned by how many colors there were when I was 23 and how different my mindset has been since I edited that video.

I was with nature and the outside – streets, beaches, mountains. I detached from my work, started learning the ups and downs of business, and I was with a company of good friends. I traveled from South to North, slept in tents and cheap hotels, got drunk, jumped in deep cold waterfalls (and I don’t know how to swim in freshwater), and did campfires. Trekking. Treading in shores. Joy rides. Evenings and sunrise.

Being one with nature allowed me to breathe out and tune in. I realized, “what a rollercoaster 23 was.” That was one of the most intense years I had in my life. Hearts broke, secrets discovered, perpetual memories marked. I have never felt so confused and excited in my life the way 23 Eu did. Maybe it was the pandemic, or it was about entering the threshold of adulthood… but it was a turning point in my life.

Now that I’ve been 24 for 3 months, it’s been a different ride. I’m a different Eu. It’s been wild, but I’m so more in touch with myself. I’ve been thinking about my future, my wealth, my legacy. I’ve been thinking about my childhood dreams and how much time is left to value them. This is the start of my mid-20s, and I’m both scared and thrilled.

It’s a different kind of bright. I’m sure the sun is with me along the way, the way Lorde taught me. It’s funny how her albums match precisely with the themes of my life. We’re the same age, after all.

Forgive me. I’m all over the place. I’m expressing my thoughts as raw as possible.

Anyway, I decided to share this with you all since you’ve been such good support to my thoughts and inner musing. I’m delighted to see what the rest of the months would be for a 24-year old Eu.

It’s 5:21 PM. Okay, back to business.

The soundtrack I used is composed by Jon Brion called "Consolation and Reconcile" for the film, "Lady Bird"

personal contemplation.png


Thank you for swimming freely in my random thoughts. My name is Eu, and I am happy to have known you spent a little bit of your time reading my personal contemplations. I hope you enjoy my endeavor on making this platform somewhat a diary for my significant experiences. I also do blogs on my travels, volunteerism, teaching, entrepreneurship, self-improvement, and literature. If you like this, do check my other posts.

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