Pick your sugar... honey

I thought today about sugar and the meaning of life. Odd combination? Let's see how my mind got there. After I finished reading an article about Stevia as a replacement for sugar https://pyureorganic.com/sweet-talk/health/does-stevia-help-with-weight-loss/, I have found myself mumbling that old song " sugar, oh honey honey". I'm so sure that you know it and it was very hard to get it out of my head, it was "sweet". I'm always pleased when I read about more people realizing the downfalls of consuming high amounts of sugar. I've replaced sugar with honey and other sources which are healthier. I'm a big fan of dark chocolate (over 80%) and I take good care of myself when it comes to what I eat. Rarely I choose to indulge in fried stuff, overly sweet, overly processed. I haven't had soda in months, I never smoked and I don't drink alcohol unless there's some ocassion. I trained my body so well that I don't feel the need. I actually feel discomfort if I have to eat for days french fries and meat or sniff cigarette smoke from others around me, it physically makes me sick. Why pick discomfort just to be comfortable? Why not defending your right to breathe fresh air and smell good?


I have a soft spot for avocado and cashews and my favourite meat is fish. If the food is spicy, then that's for me. I think that our nutrition has a big impact on how we function and the quality of our food will affect our lives. How can we expect to be well if we stuff ourselves with excessive sugar, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco etc.?

Sugar can be like a drug and I've known people addicted to it. Studies revealed that when rats were faced with picking between cocaine and sweetened water, they picked sugar most of the times. Amazing right? I think that the same way it goes with mental nutrition. What you keep on feeding your mind with is what will dictate how you'll act in life and what you'll offer and receive. Having a fast food mental diet will bring the worst results long term, only that it's hard to see on the spot because it's so finger lickin' good to feed the mind with empty calories.


What's poor nutrition when it comes to the mind? The lack of self education, giving up on learning new things, the need to be always right, being stuck in comfort zone, feeding the mind with daily useless information, excessive social media exposure, malice and envy towards other people etc. When we ignore our mind and embellish our ego, we're actually hurting on the inside. We live on empty calories and we crave for nutritious minerals and antioxidants. What our mind needs is stimulation, education, genuine love, connection, quality time with those we love. There are so many people buying fancy cars, luxury homes, fashion brands and they enjoy them just for a while, until the ego gets hungry again. They embellish a life which seems glamorous when in fact they're spiritually lonely. They buy the sympathy of their friends unaware that genuine friends and lovers can't be bought. They're earned. Fast food mental diet never fills you up, it just leaves you high and dry. You always crave for people's validation, seeking for likes and approval, going with what society thinks you should do. I'm sure that behind those smiley faces there are plenty of tears at night, when no one sees how hungry your soul is...

What's the meaning of life if you live it just to please others? If you just give in and be so weak that your bad cravings/habits control you? What's the purpose behind living a life which is no longer yours? When we don't get good things in our mind, nothing good will come out. Unfortunately too many of us were under the pressure of the peers, family, society, to conform. To take in the bad sugar just because everybody does it and this is how it has been done. Why? One way to counteract this poor nutrition is to change. Radically if you have to. Take a mental shovel and bury the old you and be reborn again. Think about your own mortality, it will help if you'll realize you only have today. I thought a lot about the meaning of life after I listened to this podcast, I recommend you giving it a go. It's healthy for the mind, so you'll probably won't like the taste. At first. Keep on eating

Having a sweet tooth is not bad as long as you're in control. Before thinking about what you put on your body, in your house, in front of people and on your social media, you would be happier if you'd spent more time thinking about the kind of food you give to your mind. That's the secret to a finger lickin' good life. A taste so sweet that you'll stop craving society's sugar.

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