About Rain and Pain and Afterward


Do you like rain? I like rain. It's not about a whimsical childhood or a melancholic personality. I always feel at peace imagining what the rain will do afterward.

After the rain, it was like a miracle. The dry lands have many new opportunities. To grow many things, summon the souls that had dried up.

It's a blessing for the shoots that grow even though sometimes it means pain. It is not easy for the shoots to withstand rainwater. Some managed to become more beautiful, some actually crashed or rotted and then died.

Like the pains that life gives us, no matter what kinds of struggles, it always teaches us to endure.

That's why many wise words always say "there will be a rainbow after the rain". But it's not always. We have to make sure we have done our best to proceed.



Sometimes after passing through the pouring rain full of cold that pierces the bones, we get nothing. Not even seeing light, let alone a rainbow. We just enter into another hole or another part of a deeper pain. Do not give up. It's not yet time for us to see the light, because ahead there will be the best for us.

I always remind myself, if today I haven't seen the light and beauty that I hoped for, there will definitely be up ahead. But for today, I can still enjoy another kind of light as a blessing that I need not what I want for.

Good things do take time to bring out the best. Do we want to eat unripe or ripe fruit? It went through thousands of painful rains, but growing rains at once.

If you sincerely let life teach you about pain, be grateful. This may sound bullshit, but that's how life works. Like rich parents who don't give you any of their wealth, but they give you another life investment that tells you to fend for yourself.

Life wants to see us grow beautifully and last forever in the end, not to see us grow beautifully suddenly and then blown away with just one big gust of wind that comes.

Rain, thanks for the valuable life lessons. I promised myself to grow better and believe in the beautiful plans ahead.

Hey, you who still feel lost.
Try to smile.
We are all born to get lost, to find out who we really are.

You will be beautiful in your time.


This writing is inspired by my daily life when I process many things. I wanted to take note of it all and maybe it's worth reading for you guys. Who knows. :)

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Best Regards,
Anggrek Lestari

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