Turd-water Team: just as important to press the socialist movement.

Lest we forget....the actions figure doll...Prime Mistake - G.I.NOPE Turd-water justin, is not alone in his “fringe minority” of actors in parliament!
He has a crack team of goons and goof that help the commie party line along the way achieve their socialist day.
None more needed then the next shill, in the way to get paid to ruin a country for some fake paper money cash, soon to crash.
Here is a compilations of meme-s about the rest of the team who are more involve in the working the socialist ploy on the people. Let’s be honest, the Prime Turd has been out of office since he has gotten in so it is up to the goon Squad to press the press to the socialist ends.

Flubby-Wuggie-Dougie-Yuggie: is a dude who is profiting in large sums of money for all those stickers he printed....well he did not actually do anything, his company did...so that is not a conflict, he Literally actually did Not do any work, he just got paid for getting the millions of dollars of people’s money contract to make stickers…and...he can barely made a cheesecake look good.
Nor help his brother stay off the crack…but hey that is what it means to take power…ruthless as cherry pie.

Then there is this thing
Tim-Tam-The-Flim-Flam-Man: .....apple...meaning, Adams Apple....which would mean the banana would be, you guessed it …a Man....making here one of two genders....in this case, a Communist working for Wuhan. Long time ago, and now for the CCP in Canada, soon to be called Chinada.
He works long time to make the dictates just right, Tim-Tam will make you healthy long time, He gives you good Healthy-E-healthy.
This things does a lot of damage to your health so play your cards right and block its attacks.

Then we have this Grinch of a penny pinching ditch rat, wine cellar barrel thief of a puppetting wine punch face, health dick-tater for the Turd himself.
Health-Hating-Bonnie-Wonky-Hennery: A 'health' Minstrel, who owns a winery and then mandates whinnying, where wineries remain open but gyms, school and jobs are closed. Now if that does not say 'Healthy society' then I want to smoke the government Fentanyl they are handing out alongside the rebates on Liquor in stores in near you.
No conflict of interest there at all.....making poison and making you want more of it by mandating you have nothing to do, But to sit around and Drink. This shill is another piece of junk that can be put in the heap of socialist slum trying to destroy the country for the sake of those fake dollars they print and do not make.

WE can certainly say that there is a Turd in her wine bowl she is serving to the public…

Fun Fact

  • Canada spent 40+million dollars advertising to the public about getting the Co-shot....there are 39 Million people in the country....they spend a million dollars per person to convince cohorse, persuade, threaten, block, fire, divide and mandate the people take this shot......perhaps if they paid each citizen a million bucks each, the socialistic country have had more success.....
    Just like those scuzzy politicians who like cash, so do many other people.

Here is another socialist on the take....
Khalistani-Turncoat-Singh-Shill: More like taking lives for the sake of his harem of 40 figs that he will receive after completing his mission of BS destruction. A terrorist or shall we say a fringe minority in the seat of parliament.
But hey, he fits right in with the rest of the crooks so he is not all the stand out when it comes to the pack of those on the take as they graft and steal the coffers of the country.

Then we have this pack of rat dogs to deal with....
You will have to look more into it for yourself, ill leave it therefore to you to have a greater look but not until I leave you with a few bonus memes to get you rhiled up on the sunday of days.

Here they are:
---> But wait,,, if you fallow the words of the corrupt government you are just as Guilty as they are. YOU cannot blame away the actions YOU take each and every day. Unless there is a politician holding a gun in your mouth, then you are almost not responsible for the actions of destroying the country each day. Seriously - if there is a politician thug holding you hostage making you do things against your will by force, I will send help,,,,seriously!

But if you are actively covering your mouth and wondering why you are not free, YOU are the wrong in the world, YOU are the reason this continues. YOU complicity is making this harder for everyone. YOU are the Issue; YOO are keeping the corruption in play. YOUr mind is the trap that is making this all stay in place.

Now for the bonus…..

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