Popcorn mandates and the Prrime Mistake of Canada

I do not listen to the news, the tv, newspapers, the radio or any other form of propaganda media that i come across. I do no searches for this kind of information and I do not even care what they say.
But i was recently informed that the Ontario government is lifting the mandates they have had in place for 637 day or 2 weeks....defiantly not because of the 1.3 MILLION people who are gathering in Ottawa in a truck convoy....but because they are kind and benevolent Dicks-Tatars.
But more likely because the Freedom Truck Convoy or the Flu Trucks Klan -or- the Karen Konvey , as the media propaganda is calling them, is defiantly not causing pressure on the Corrupt politicians to ease the boot of tyranny off the neck of society....defiantly not.

One of the mandates that is being lifted is allowing people to eat POPCORN again.

  • Most probably the rules came down the throat of FJT by this way.

Think of that, the government, said they are allowing you to eat popcorn in Theatres …again.
I was shocked and enraged and made these memes to try to deal with that rage i felt.



Here are a few more to help relieve the pressure of the rage, as it turns to hilarity.
For we all know that the Turd does not come up with the plot line, he just puppets what he is told to do and then tries to get his orders into the books.


As he likely does, thinking that his movie career will get better and he will be able to dress up again...but not in Black Face but in some other semi racist costume....


Perhaps he is just confused as to what the definition of a mandate is.
If you are wondering, it is:

  1. An official order to do something.
  2. The power to act that voters give to their elected leaders.
  3. An authorization to act given to a representative.

The Turd was a drama teacher...he loves 'Act's


Perhaps he is still confused as to what it means....Drama teacher not English spelling definitions teacher....cut him some slack....or rope.


It is getting rough in here....so says the man-dates sometimes...


But in reality he really just wants to hang with his buddies.

And make friends with other drama queens who Act.


And Finally the straw that started this whole Rant Rage Disappointment in anyone who Listens, Fallows, and does What the government says from this point onward Bonus Meme:::


Ill just say this....if anyone who fallow a corrupt government any longer by their own will, I will at no point in the future have any support for you when the popcorn filled boot is stomping on your face constantly forever into eternity.
YOU deserve every inch of the socialist prick that will destroy your life and everything in it, and by every measure an way, you deserve this form of destitute squeak of a short life.
I wish you the all the best that poverty, starvation, control, restrictions, anguish, as every form of freedom is stripped from your life, all while you willing obeying a government that told you not to eat popcorn, and you listened. Enjoy the cage and ultimate death they are bringing to you.!!.
You have no sympathy from me and i will not even piss in your mouth when the socialist commie government lights it on fire for the good of the mandate....

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