Hiding for a week, Turd-water slips out the back door…Costume party time!

The Justin Son of his dirt bag father, whore mother, TurdDuu is worse, now then ever.
He is hiding out as the country is demanding him do what they tell him to do...
Can you spot the commie traitor ?

Perhaps you will have more luck if you go the West coast of BC and look at the waves...around Tofino, a popular spot of the traitor to hid.
Between surfing hiding laughing and wondering about more mandates...the poor little Potato Turd might make, he takes some time to roll role play and dress up... With all the free time and stolen printed fake money he can afford a few good costumes, so he might as well.

Here is a collection of costumes he has worn in the last few hours in preparation for hiding among the people. For the time will come when he must go back to work...but that does not mean he will do work…just that he will have to make it back to Ottawa.

He cannot hide forever even if he tries...but he still has to decide what costume he will wear to the rally.


I think he has found the costume he will use, to worm his slithering cockwombleing ways back into Ottawa...his PR people agree... the Cowboy hat makes him seem, sincere and honest, Looking.

But there is still the issue of the....

Which is not the real issue....
The real issue is YOU!

  • You are asking for freedom!

YOU have lost the entire war and battle if you ask for freedom.
There is no freedom to be given, unless you think that the government is your daddy....ask for a cookie and get told No....what are you going to do When daddy wants to spank you? Keep asking for freedom and government will continue to take the upper hand you let them have.

And that is exactly the reason the Turd is laughing and hiding....because you are asking him for your freedom, while paying him to do so.

It is Not yours if you have to ask for it!

How many times will you Not get it? Asking them for your freedom is like asking the cockroach to stop eating the food scraps mess you leave around your house..!

YOU do not need to ask the roaches to stop...you remove them, clean up your act and move on to a life of your choosing.

You, Choosing - puts you, in the drivers set of Your life....can you handle that ?or? would you like a soft Turd to hold the wheel while you sit in the back seat and hope you arrive on time and safe?

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